Broken Tooth First Aid Remedies: How To Manage A Chipped Tooth?

A broken tooth is one of the most annoying experiences a child may have. The situation may not be that severe in itself. However, when it becomes a harbinger for infection and other problems, the situation becomes severe and needs immediate concern.

Teeth in nature are strong. However, when they are subject to trauma and stress, they may chip off. The pain that a person feels when having a broken tooth depends on how severe the chip is. When only a small part is chipped off, the tooth may not hurt that much.

However, when large chunks are chipped off, it may be painful because some nerve endings may be affected.

First Aid Remedies For Broken Or Chipped Teeth

Any dental expert will tell you that the best remedy is to see a dentist right away. That way, you will be properly advised as to how to handle the situation. Moreover, when the dentist sees that you need some medication, he may do so. On the other hand, if the broken tooth can still be saved, certain procedures are available that will help restore the broken tooth without having to pull it out.

The situation becomes severe if one cannot afford to see a dentist right away. When this is the case, here are some tips that a person may follow:

  • Do not throw away the chipped part. Instead of throwing it away, clean the chunk with running water. This is because the dentist may still be able to cement the broken part to the tooth and restore the tooth to its full use.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water. For most people, lukewarm water is best, although one has to make sure that the water temperature will be tolerable. Rinse the mouth thoroughly in order to flush out bacteria that may cause infection.
  • When the chipped tooth is bleeding, one may apply gauze on the area until it stops. The most common means of applying gauze is to get a ball of cotton and press against the bleeding part.
  • When one feels severe pain on the cheek, a cold compress will help a lot. Make sure not to make the compress too cold or remain for too long on one area as this may numb the skin. If the pain still persists, one may use some pain relievers as a temporary measure.