Acid Reflux And Laryngitis: How to Control Acidity With Home Remedies

Question: Can acid reflux cause laryngitis and hoarseness? If yes, how do I treat it naturally using home remedies?

Answer: Yes, acid reflux can cause laryngitis. In fact, it is the commonest cause. Natural home remedies for acid reflux include:

Home Remedies For Acid Reflux Laryngitis

  • Stay away from foods that aggravate the acid reflux – fried foods, pickles, processed foods, pungent and spicy foods. Eat foods that are lightly seasoned, and in little oil.
  • Drink a minimum of 3 liters of water per day.
  • Begin your day with foods that leave an alkaline ash – almonds, raisins, figs, and bananas.
  • After meals consume 1 spoon of honey or a small piece of jaggery. This will prevent an acid reflux.
  • Never stay hungry for long periods of time. Eat every 3 hours. An empty stomach produces large amounts of acid.
  • Most importantly, never lie down or recline after meals. It causes regurgitation of acid; Sit up for at least half an hour.
  • Lycopodium Clavatum, a homoeopathic remedy will treat the condition instantaneously.

Diet Precautions for Acid Reflux

  • Eat small quantity but at frequent interval, avoid eating 3 large meals. Instead divided your diet regimen into 5 to 6 smaller sections and eat at an interval of 3 hours.
    This regimen will help to secrete less acid and avoid acid reflux problem
  • Foods to eat for acid reflux disorder include diet rich in fiber which includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This allows improving digestion and cures acid reflux disorder.
  • Coconut water is exceptionally good in acid reflux disorder.
  • Indian gooseberry powder is helpful in treating acid reflux. It can be mixed with a teaspoon of honey before consuming.
  • Milk diet is an effective way to control acid reflux problem.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin C containing food preparations are helpful as they are antioxidant, which helps squelch free radical molecules, and decrease the chances of inflammation.
    Carrots and oranges and lime juice are thus valuable in acid reflux disease.
  • Fish and fish oil has omega3 fatty acid, due to its anti-inflammatory property it acts in reflux acid problems. Eat in liberal quantity fish and fish oil preparations.

Foods To Avoid If Patient have Acidity Problem

  1. Spices and chillies in food preparation.
  2. Coffee, tea, and carbonated and caffeinated beverages.
  3. Chocolates and toffees.
  4. Fatty food and high calorie food.
  5. Overeating, especially during night and before sleeping.
  6. Garlic and onions.
  7. Fast foods and fried food.
  8. Alcohol.