Tingling In Forearm Symptoms: Numbness And Tingling In Arm Treatment

Forearms and hands are supplied by two major nerves. The median nerve supplies the areas of the index finger, thumb the middle finger and a portion of the ring finger, while the ulnar nerve supplies to the little finger and part of the ring finger.

Tingling in the forearm and hands is commonly associated with carpel tunnel syndrome and compression of the nerve. However there are a wide range of other causes which may result in peripheral neuropathy, and are manifested in the form of tingling in the forearm and hands.

Symptoms Of Tingling And Numbness In Forearms

Tingling in the forearm is attributed to the compression of one or both of the essential nerves that supply to the forearm. Tingling is often associated with a host of other symptoms,

  • Burning pain and elevated sense of touch are some of the common features associated with tingling numbness in the forearm.
  • Muscular cramps or severe uncontrollable muscular contractions of the muscles of the forearm may be observed. This symptom is often associated with numbness in the affected region.
  • Muscle wasting, though relatively rare, may be observed in patients with prolonged problem of tingling in the forearm.

There are a wide range of factors that are responsible for tingling in the forearm. Though nerve compression due to carpel tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, gout or diabetes is considered to be the primary factor, there are several other factors responsible for tingling in forearm.

  • Deficiency of vitamins namely vitamin B complex is associated with tingling in the forearms.
  • Certain medications like drugs used for the treatment of cancers and lymphoma, may also result in tingling in the forearms.
  • Tingling may also be observed in patients with Multiple Sclerosis or other disorders of the spinal cord or brain and stroke.
  • There are a wide range of other factors that are responsible for peripheral neuropathy which include old age, excessive consumption of alcohol, metal or industrial compound poisoning, etc.

Treatment For Tingling In Forearm

Here are some simple techniques of treating tingling in the forearms and hands.

  • Often nutritional deficiencies are identified as a common cause of peripheral neuropathy. Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin B and calcium. Alternatively you could consume vitamin and calcium supplements.
  • Avoid over straining the wrist joint. One of the problems with tingling in the forearms is the carpel tunnel syndrome, which is attributed to inflammation and irritation of the tunnel sheath, which results in nerve compression.
  • Patients with gout, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis should follow appropriate diets. Exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and ensure blood circulation to the affected parts.
  • Talk to your physician about the negative side effects of your drugs and request for an alternative drug regimen.
  • Surgical intervention may be needed in patients with severe form of carpel tunnel syndrome or nerve compression. The surgery involves decompression of the nerve by releasing the pressure on it by the surrounding fascia or ligament sheath.