Pinched Nerve In Hip: Symptoms And Treatment For Pinched Nerve

Compression / impingement of a nerve lead to a host of symptoms, including pain and sever discomfort. A nerve may get pinched for various reasons. Commonest causes for nerve impingement include:

Pinched Nerve In Hip Causes

  • Inappropriate posture, whilst sitting, walking or sleeping, is a very common cause of hip nerve pain.
  • Sciatic nerve damage is an important cause. A pinched sciatic nerve causes excruciating hip pain, which may radiate downwards.
  • A fractured hip, compresses a nerve and results in pain
  • Hip arthritis also contributes to hip nerve pain.
    Arthritis causes pain, swelling and stiffness. The swelling exerts pressure on the nerve, compresses, it and leads to pain and discomfort.

Symptoms Of Pinched Nerve In Hip

Compression of a nerve in the hip leads to the following symptoms and clinical manifestations:

  • Severe pain n the hip. The pain may be dull and nagging, or may be excruciating and sharp. The pain may be constant, or may come and go.
  • The pain may radiate downwards to the calves and foot.
  • Stiffness is an accompanying feature.
  • Reduced mobility is a symptom.

Treatment For Pinched Nerve

Treatment for hip pain depends on the diagnosis of the underlying cause. Accordingly, the physician will prescribe drugs to manage the condition. Pain killers may be given to handle the pain and swelling. Physiotherapy plays an important part I the management of hip pain. It alleviates the pain and stiffness, improves the range of movement and strengthens the muscles.