Early Signs Of MS: Causes & Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

MS or multiple sclerosis is a central nervous system (CNS) disorder. The myelin sheath is a fatty tissue that encloses the nerve fibers in the spinal cord and the brain. Multiple sclerosis occurs when the myelin sheath gets damaged. The disease impairs the flow of nerve impulses through the nerves. MS is known to occur more commonly in women. Exacerbation and recoveries are known to occur.

As the disease progresses, fundamental functions like walking, talking, writing, and memory get impaired. The etiology remains unresolved, though evidence suggest that an environmental agent, most likely viral may be responsible in a genetically susceptible person.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

  • Onset – common mode of onset are:
    • Spinal cord involvement.
      • Sudden onset of weakness or paresis of lower limb.
      • Impairment of cutaneous sensation in lower limbs and trunk.
    • Brain stem symptoms such as vertigo, diplopia (double vision) and ataxia.
  • Motor symptoms – Weakness of legs commonly seen weakness of one leg after exertion. Recovery after rest but with subsequent progression.
  • Sensory changes – Sensory loss is commonly noted. Pain is usually rare in MS. There may be impairment of postural or vibration sense.
  • Ocular symptom – Bulbar neuritis, double vision and nystagmus (side to side movement of eyeball) are common.
  • Mental symptom – Emotional changes, euphoria, delusions, and dementia.
  • Uhthoff’s phenomenon – Characterized by worsening of weakness or vision with heat e.g. hot bath or exercise.

Early Signs Of Multiple Sclerosis

The following are the earliest symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

  • The earliest symptom is numbness of the face and body.
  • Weariness and exhaustion
  • Tingling in the skin
  • Tremors
  • Balance and gait get affected.
  • GI derangements and upsets occur, like diarrhea / constipation / dyspepsia.
  • Loss of bowel function / bladder function.
  • Sexual dysfunction develops
  • Vision gets impaired
  • Muscle weakness
  • Spasms of muscles
  • Concentration get reduced, attention span is lowered.
  • Memory loss
  • Judgment is affected
  • Depression sets in
  • Emotional swings and outbursts.
  • Psychosis
  • Dementia
  • Paranoia

Warning Signs Of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Chronic, general, diffuse pain all over the body.
  • Voice disorders
  • Jerky eye movements, blindness.
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Seizures
  • Breathlessness
  • Paralysis
  • Involuntary leg movements
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

Development Of Multiple Sclerosis

The precise cause of multiple sclerosis still remains elusive. It is observed to be more common in temperate climates. Women are affected twice as often as men. It has susceptibility to occur in families. The two predominant causes which are more likely to trigger multiple sclerosis are believed to be slow virus and diet. A virus that lives in the body for long time and diet which lacks certain essential fatty acids that makes up the myelin sheath.

A proper diagnosis is essential. A person should consult a neurologist if he suspects the symptoms are those of MS. Blood tests, lumbar puncture and scanning of spinal cord and brain will help to confirm diagnosis.

Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

There is no effective curative treatment available. However alternative therapies may help to relieve the symptoms.

  • Hydrotherapy helps to keep the joints and muscles loose and exercised. It helps to maintain mobility in the knee joint.
  • Yoga and meditation helps to relieve stress. The symptoms exacerbate when a multiple sclerosis patient is in stress.
  • A gentle massage may help to maintain mobility and muscle tone of the body.
  • Eat diet which is rich in minerals and vitamins. Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables, fructose and honey, brown rice and oats, pulses, whole wheat flour and fish.
  • Take dietary supplements containing vitamin B12 and tablets of evening prime rose oil.