Warts On Elbow: What Are Its Causes And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Warts are tiny benign skin growths caused by a filterable virus called human papillomavirus. They can develop anywhere on the skin, but most common sites include feet, fingertips, arm, scalp, genitals and elbow. This thickened skin growths have well defined margin. They are common in children, but adults too can get affected with these viral warts. They are transmissible. Their incubation period is 90 days.

Most warts are skin colored with a rough or plain surface. They can occur singly or in groups. In many cases they disappear on their own within 6 months without treatment, but sometimes they may persist even for one or two years.

Warts may require treatment if they become enlarged and painful. Many people want to remove them because of cosmetic reasons, especially when they are present on exposed parts of the body such as the elbow, face and under the nails.

What Causes Warts On Elbows?

As you know by now, human papilloma virus is the causative germ responsible for development of warts on elbow and elsewhere. The virus is ubiquitous and therefore the infection is worldwide. They are very common dermatological problem. When human papilloma virus enters through the skin, it accelerates the skin cells to grow at a faster pace resulting in formation of warts.

The skin around elbow, knee, and hands is prone to minor injury and this gives a chance for the virus to enter at these sites.

People who have limited immunity against HPV (human papilloma virus) are at a greater risk of contracting the infection. The immune level in children is not well developed, elderly individuals have low immune level, for this reason they have far more risk than young people. People who have run down condition and those who have immunodeficiency disease are also liable to get infected with the virus and develop warts around elbow and other exposed areas.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Elbow?

Warts on elbows can be removed either with conventional means, chemicals or by surgical procedure. Surgical removal is the last option when all other tried methods fail. The exact mode of treatment depends on the number of lesions, their site. Sometimes warts may disappear spontaneously or by psychotherapy.

Conventional methods:

  • There are plenty of over the counter gels and pads filled with medicine available to get rid of warts. The content of these products are directly applied over the elbow warts. This content acts upon the germs which are responsible for development of warts. They do not allow them to survive for a long time. The wart shrivels and falls off after few applications.
  • A chemical usually applied is podophyllin paint. Generally the procedure is done in a dermatologist’s office. Patient should not try it at home.
  • Application of liquid nitrogen is also effective in getting rid of warts. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the wart surface. It freezes the wart site. The virus cannot survive in it and eventually after few applications, the wart falls off.
  • Certain home remedies are also found beneficial in getting rid of wart from elbow and other sites. Among them castor oil is proved to be the best one. Apply castor oil two to three times in a day over the elbow wart. Repeated application for a week or two will make the wart to disappear.
  • Rubbing banana peel directly over the wart is also time tested home remedy for wart removal.
  • Application of few essential oils such as tea tree oil or lemon oil has also been effective cure for wart on elbow.
  • Duct tape has been found effective in curing warts on elbow. Place an adhesive duct tape over the wart for few days. The adhesive together with moisture within the duct tape creates unfavorable environment for the virus inside the wart to survive. Within few days of its application, the wart may dry up and shrivel. While removing the duct tape, wart may come out with it.
  • Nowadays laser surgery is popular for removal of warts. But it is expensive and may cause scarring.
  • Homeopathic medicine Thuja is also popular in wart removal from any area. Applying the mother tincture over the wart for few days will make it small and disappear. Thuja can be taken internally in different potencies as prescribed by homeopathic doctor.

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