Typhoid Fever Natural Remedies: Symptoms And Preventive Measures

Question: I am suffering from typhoid since last one month. Can you please suggest me some natural remedies and treatments for typhoid fever?

I would like to have a detailed account of your symptoms.

  • Do you have fever and is it constant or periodic?
  • Do you suffer from all or any one of the following?
    • Stomach pain
    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Any rash

Answer: Typhoid fever is caused by microorganisms (bacteria) called salmonella typhus. The microorganisms attack small intestine to produce an array of symptoms. Living and following unhygienic practices leads to spread of typhoid. The main source of its spread is feco-oral route due to poor sanitation.

Preventive Measures Of Typhoid

  • Always insist on drinking boiled water, especially when you do not know the source. When you are travelling bottled water is more preferable.
  • Avoid eating roadside food, when you suspect it to be adulterated.
  • Wash your hands and feet with water after visiting a washroom.
  • Always eat freshly cooked and warm food.
  • Food should always be stored in hygienic utensils.

Natural Remedies For Typhoid Fever

  • The diet for patients suffering from typhoid should be plain and bland. Avoid eating spicy and oily food. Bland food becomes easy to digest. Also insist on eating vegetables more in the beginning stages.
  • Avoid too much of sodas, caffeinated drinks and alcohol.
  • Drink coconut water as it is soothing for the intestine. It also contains vital minerals and vitamins that help to boost immune system and helps to fight the germs.
  • You can have tomato soup and juice, vegetable soup and lemon juice. Juices and soups contain water and it helps to keep the body hydrated. Besides they provide vital nutrients necessary for the body to recover.
  • Constipation should be managed, by drinking plenty of fluids, foods rich in fibre and fresh fruits. Psyllium seeds in warm milk do wonders to a sluggish bowel movement.
  • Raisins soaked overnight in water and had the next day is highly beneficial as a tonic during fever.

Typhoid Fever Symptoms And Treatment Advice

We have done CBC of my son there is infection and doctor has prescribed him antibiotic like taxim and oflamac but his fever still comes in the morning and evening after taking emusulide it goes down what is exactly wrong? I have done the malaria and jaundice test which are negative but I am worried what should his diet be like?
[Q] Please let me know what type of fever is this that is there for last 15 days – does he require hospitalization?
[Health Adviser] What other symptoms does he have?
[Health Adviser] Is there any body ache, vomiting or anything else? How is his appetite?
[Q] No appetite, very lethargy feeling and heaviness in the head initially. He had vomiting but now but has body ache now.
[Q] His fever rises to 103 degrees some times.
[Health Adviser] Since he has fever for so many days – and he has no appetite – it could be a type of typhoid – or something related fever.[Health Adviser] I would strongly recommend you go ahead with your doctor suggestions – and maybe hospitalize him.
[Health Adviser] How old is your child?
[Q] He is 13 years old. What type of treatment would you suggest and what would be his diet.[Health Adviser] It is difficult to diagnose this remotely – ideally you should contact your local medical expert and get some more examinations for typhoid symptoms etc. I think he should be hospitalized as his fever persisted for over 10 days – for more investigations and treatment.[Health Adviser] His diet also can be confirmed with your local doctor after identifying the real cause of his fever. In the meanwhile avoid spicy and oily food for sure.
[Q] Thank you.
[Health Adviser] Please let us know if this was helpful after a few days.
Thanks for contacting us. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if we can be of further assistance.