How to Treat Jaw Pain After Crown Prep

There are patients who complain of jaw pain following a crown prep or crown work. What does it mean and do they need to inform their dentists?

Soreness and pain is common right after a crown work because the process requires for a significant portion of the tooth to be removed to prepare the area for the artificial one to be put in.

  • Soreness and pain can also occur because most of the time, the nerve of the tooth is not in its best shape any longer.
  • Pain may also be caused by an inflammation of the nerve.
  • Jaw Pain After Crown Work – When a patient complains of Jaw Pain, it is most likely that the tooth is what’s causing the pain.
  • The nerve may be damaged and it may not be able to recover after a crown is put in place. In these instances, the nerve may be dying and is no longer viable.
  • When a damaged nerve is the issue, patients may have to opt for Root Canal Surgery instead.

When to Go to the Dentist

Mild pain and soreness is going to be normal and will most likely not require a visit to the doctor as it will go away on its own.

Patients need to see a doctor when:

  • Pain that lasts for more than just a couple of days or if lasts a week
  • Pain that is severe enough to keep patients from sleeping and from performing everyday tasks
  • Pain that is accompanied by a lot of swelling, swelling that may involve the cheek

Treatment for Pain after Crown Prep

The pain in the tooth after crown prep needs to be properly evaluated as it may be caused by the death of a nerve.

  • If death is the cause then a dentist will probably recommend root canal surgery
  • Pain can also be treated with mild pain relievers or with NSAIDs.
  • Home Remedies or Natural Treatment may not be effective in severe pain, it can give relief for time being.

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