Fish Bone Throat Obstruction Home Remedies | Cure Fishbone Obstruction

Treatment for Fish Bone Throat Obstruction:

There is a danger of not immediately removing fish bone stuck in throat. A fish bone stuck in the throat could lead to the blockage of the trachea, its constriction, and swelling, which could all result to loss of proper amount of air intake. The worst scenario is when the fish bone causes irritation, which could lead to suffocation.

One who has fish bone stuck in his throat could be gagging because he already has difficulty in breathing. Even swallowing of saliva is painful and difficult because the trachea would naturally react to a foreign object by swelling and getting irritated.

If you notice someone who breathes in a high-pitched manner and is vomiting, it is possible that he has a fish bone stuck in his throat. When he drools and has a great difficulty in speaking, the fish bone must be removed from the throat.

More serious pains related to this incident are the following:

  • Face becomes bluish because of the lack of oxygen in the lungs and brains
  • Unexplained pains in the neck, chest area, and stomach
  • Loss of appetite because of the inflammation of the throat

Home Remedies for Fish Bone Obstruction:

Instant relief is provided by any of the following home remedies:

  • Swallowing of the whole yellow egg yolk in one gulp
  • Drinking large quantity of liquids such water and juice
  • Swallowing of bread until the fish bone is removed

A lot of people consider swallowing lumps of rice to be effective in removing a fish bone stuck in the throat.

The stickiness of the rice is its primary useful attribute in doing this task plus the weight of the bone.

Another suggestion is drinking the tea made from the root of clematis boiled with vinegar and sugar. It is sipped while it’s hot to dislodge the fish bone from the throat tissues. It will relax the irritated area in the throat and prevent further damage.

Prevent Fish Bone Getting Stuck in Throat:

  • Lots of things could be done to avoid getting fish bone stuck in throat. The most elementary method is by ensuring that your spoonful of food is free from any fish bone. This can be done if you focus on what you place into your mouth.
  • Do not hurry when you eat and chew your food well. It is quite bothersome to have a fish bone stuck in your throat. Water helps a lot in ensuring that food swallowed flows in faster to the stomach instead of getting stuck in the throat.