Causes Of Tooth Abscess: Home Remedies To Prevent And Treat It

Tooth abscess is an inflammation in the pulp of a tooth. There would be an accumulation of pus, bacteria, and fluid thus causing an abscess to form. There are numerous reasons why tooth abscess would likely happen. Below is the list of factors why such condition would occur:

  • Poor oral hygiene. Individuals who do not practice or observe proper oral hygiene are more likely to experience an abscess in their tooth.
  • Any underlying oral diseases, for example tooth decay. Once a person has existing tooth decay, there is the process of corrosion in the enamel of the tooth.
    As bacteria seeps into the cracks and holes of the damaged tooth, it would eventually reach the pulp area and cause an inflammation in the gum and pulp part.
  • Presence of tooth abnormalities. Abnormalities in the placement/arrangement of the teeth would result to irregular spaces between the teeth that would promote the accumulation of food and bacteria. Once this happens, bacteria would corrode the enamel and the result will be a tooth abscess.
  • Cracks in the tooth. Cracks provide an opening and entry of bacteria to come in. Having a crack in a tooth may be incidental, but once you are dealing with this, there is a likely possibility that you would end up having tooth abscess.

How To Prevent Tooth Abscess?

There are means and ways for an individual to stay away from experiencing and having to go through the dilemma of tooth abscess. One of the agonizing dreads to deal with when having this condition is the pain. Here are the following measures one can take:

  • Observe proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth three times a day after every meal. Flossing would be good as much as it ensures no piece of food would remain stuck between the teeth.
  • Have a regular dental checkup. Going to the dental hygienist would provide you assistance in order to detect any tooth problems as early as possible.
  • Once you detect a presence of tooth decay, seek for your dental hygienist as soon as possible. That way, prompt treatment can be done.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking degrades and corrodes the enamel of the tooth. Due to the nicotine content of the cigarette, it can damage not only your oral cavity but it puts you at high risk for lung cancer.

Natural Remedies For Tooth Abscess

Here are some easy home remedies you can do yourself when you find yourself or your family member experiencing tooth abscess.

  • To help with the pain, apply hot compress in the affected area. It would usually help relieve the pain in the infected area.
  • Use warm saline gargle. It helps and facilitates the drainage of any accumulated fluid. The salt and warm water acts both ways as an anti-septic and help alleviates the pain due to the inflammation.
  • Ruptured abscess should be continuously drained. Do not swallow. Gargle with saline water once in a while.
  • Take cotton swabs dipped in salt and baking soda and rub it against your gum line.
  • Use a cool or warm teabag and place it in the infected area.