Causes Of Tooth Abscess, Pus & Pain: Natural Remedies To Cure It

Tooth abscess infection is called as pyorrhea or periodontal disease. It is disease of the teeth and gum.  It is caused due to affection of the membrane surrounding the roots of the teeth. This can lead to loosening of the teeth and pus formation. Slowly there is shrinkage of the gum. This is prime cause for tooth fall among the adults.

Tooth abscess is caused by bacteria’s which are present in abundance in the mouth cavity. Hence, proper hygiene of the mouth is very important. If proper hygiene i.e. brushing your teeth twice a day properly and tongue cleaning is not done this helps growing of the bacteria in the tooth cavities and in between the teeth.

There is building up of the bacteria slowly and plaque formation takes place. This plaque is group of bacteria which irritates the gums and there is inflammation of it. If this is not taken care of it leads to infection and pus formation.

Other causes of tooth abscess infection are injurious use of tooth picks, improper brushing, staying of food particle in cavities for many days and injuries to supporting structure by physical and chemical irritants in the mouth cavity.

How To Prevent Tooth Abscess?

  • Alcohol, strong tea, coffee, sugary substances, condiments, sauces, all refined and tinned foods and sugar in any form should be avoided.
  • During the start of the treatment one should take liquid diet for a few days as this helps in undue pressure on the gums and helps in healing it.
  • After the swelling starts reducing and there is no pus one can switch to food which is semi-solid and easy to chew. The diet should be balanced and more fruits, green salads, properly cooked food and milk should be taken.

Natural Remedies For Tooth Abscess And Pain

  • Some of the food articles which are beneficial in treatment of tooth abscess are spinach, wheat, orange, lemon (and lime) and pomegranate.
  • Spinach juice is extracted from spinach. This is taken 50 ml twice every day as it helps in removal of tooth abscess or pus and strengthening of the gums. Its efficacy increases if taken with carrot juice.
  • Oranges, lemon and lime have also been found to be helpful in the treatment of tooth abscess and swelling. This contains vitamin C which helps in preventing and curing acute inflammation of the gums.
  • Wheat: Wheat is valuable in the prevention and treatment of pyorrhea. Wheat also helps in proper digestion.
  • Pomegranate: A paste is prepared from pomegranate rind, salt and pepper. Its regular use helps in strengthening of the gums, stops bleeding and helps in prevention of tooth abscess.