Swollen Ankle And Feet Causes: Home Remedies To Reduce Swelling

Question: I am a 27 year old female. Since 1998 my left foot and ankle has been swollen. It sometimes goes down in the mornings but swells later in the day. Please help me with some simple remedies.

Answer: Do you have a family history of any chronic disease like diabetes/ hypertension/ kidney disorder, etc?
There are several causes for swelling of the ankle and the feet. The causes may be systemic or local causes. These causes may range from mere fracture due to local trauma to cardiac causes (congestive cardiac failure).

  • Local trauma or injury may precipitate swelling as a result of the normal inflammation process. This will be associated with pain on attempting to put pressure on the feet, redness at the site of trauma with an obvious history of trauma.
  • Arthritis (i.e. inflammation of joints) may also contribute to localized swelling and pain.
  • Varicose veins accompanied with deep vein thrombosis is also an accompanying factor for swelling and edema of the feet
  • Systemic conditions that commonly lead to swelling in the feet and ankle are characterized by retention of fluids or as a result of increase in skin thickness.
    The most common cardiac condition that results in swelling of the extremities is Cor Pulmanale or Congestive cardiac failure which occurs due to abnormally high resistance of passage of blood into the lungs and causes a lot of back pressure leading to edema.
  • Deep vein thrombosis, thyroid disease and lymph-adenopathies, etc also causes edema of the legs and feet.
  • Nephrological disorder which results in extensive retention of sodium in our body can also cause swelling of ankles and feet.
  • Anemia is also known to be associated with edema of the extremities.

Home Remedies For Ankle And Foot Swelling

  • Keeping the feet elevated while sitting and sleeping helps to reduce edema in feet and legs.
  • Don’t sit for long durations, take short breaks and walk around to reduce the swelling in ankle and feet.
  • Reduce salt intake as excess salt causes water retention.
  • Avoid using tight stockings and tight foot wear to reduce foot and ankle swelling.