7 Side Effects of Mobile Tower Near House

Mobile phone tower is electronic communication equipment which helps easy network accessibility for mobile phone users. The cellular tower is structure having an antenna, transmitters and receivers on its top. Usually people feel happy when they have mobile tower in their area because they get better network connection for their mobile phone. However, with increased number of mobile tower in many residential building terraces, its harmful effect has become a worrisome subject among people who are conscious about their health. Some theories believe there is no harm in installing mobile towers in building, while some people cite various possible side effects due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the tower present in residential area.

Side Effects of Mobile Phone Tower:

  • According to one theory mobile tower has potential harmful effect on human health. Most of the side effects are due to radiofrequency waves or the electromagnetic radiation from the antenna and other gadgets of the mobile tower.
  • Effect on brain: The WHO’ international agency for research on cancer (IARC) has reported that excessive exposure of electromagnetic radiation from mobile tower can have severe effect on the brain causing brain cancer. Using cell phone can be a personal choice, but people living near the tower are vulnerable as they may not have any control over the constructed tower space.
    These people are at greater risk of exposure throughout day and night.
  • Poor cognitive function: In a research conducted in 2009, scientists have found that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by GSM cell phone reduced cognitive function among its users. The memory task given to the person exposed to radiation took prolonged time. Hence memory loss can affect a person’s performance at his workplace.
  • Other health problems: Although people living in the vicinity of mobile tower have cancer as the biggest health threat, there are several other health problems which people may experience. People living nearby mobile tower often experience disturbance in their sleep pattern.
    They may feel more tired and depressed. Some people may start developing hearing problem while some may have increase in their skin disease. Mobile towers as compared to mobile phone emit high amount of electromagnetic radiation for 24 hours.
  • Effects on birds: The side effect of mobile tower is not only on humans, it is also observed on birds. Here too the culprit is radiation and radio waves emitted from mobile tower. The microwaves are known to cause damage to the egg and eggshells of the bird. The waves also cause disturbance in the navigation system of the birds.
  • Bad effects on plants: Tress near the tower often dry up, especially the top of the trees can dry. Their fruit bearing capacity is also reduced.
  • Effect on children: As compared to adults children have thinner skull. Hence they may be more affected when exposed to constant radiation from the tower when the tower is near to their residence. The radiation waves can easily penetrate in the skull. Children living near the mobile tower may have reduced concentration power.