Natural Remedies For Runny And Stuffy Nose: Throat Infection Cure

Question: I have runny and stuffy nose. One side of the nose is stuffy while other side is runny. My throat itches during cough. Please suggest me some remedies.

Answer: Your symptoms correspond to allergic rhinitis.
Are you allergic to dust, Hair, Fur, Shampoos, Deodorants and Weather change?

Is there a mild degree of fever? If yes, it could be influenza (viral origin).
Is there sneezing and/or Headache?

Natural Cures For Runny And Stuffy Nose & Throat Infection

  • Vitamin C is the remedy to treat colds. Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C. Beef up your intake of oranges, limes, sweet limes and goose berries.
    Vitamin C fights infections effectively.
  • Honey soothes the throat. Have one teaspoon every morning on rising. Honey also makes the respiratory tract resistant to infections.
  • Do hot water gargles. Add a pinch of salt to the water. It relieves raw, painful throat.
  • Take hot milk, to which a spoonful of turmeric is added. Not only is turmeric an antiseptic, it also stimulates a sluggish liver.
  • Avoid any products/cosmetics which are strong smelling. They irritate the nose and throat, and aggravate the cold.
  • Do not apply oil at night. Do not use scented/medicated oils.
  • Stay away from perfumes and deodorants till the attack has subsided.
  • Inhaling steam once a day is recommended. Do not bend your face on the hot water bowel.
  • Avoid bananas, rice, fried foods, pickles, and tinned foods. They produce more phlegm and prolong the disorder.
  • Ascertain the triggering factor/allergen, and avoid it.