Symptoms Of Rug Burn: Home Remedies For Healing Rug Burns Faster

Rug burn is a type of first degree burn produced by friction of your body with rug fibers, or a carpet or other abrasive surface. Rug burn is colloquially called friction burn or a carpet burn. As you know, friction between two objects produces some amount of heat. Similarly when there is friction between your body and the rug, it generates mild amount of heat. This heat damages the superficial skin surface leaving the area of skin red and rough. Occasionally the skin also peels.

Rug burns generally occur in area of bony prominence.

For example they are common in knee and elbow. Rug burns per se are self healing and they are not serious unless secondary infection sets in. Diabetic patients should take extra care as slight injury can also lead to many complications. Rug burns cause some amount of pain. Even though rug burns heal on their own, treatment is initiated to prevent infection and scarring later on.

Symptoms Of Rug Burns

Rug burn or friction burns are common in children. Children are very active and they have high chance of falling on a carpet or on rugs.

Rug burns can also occur in adults too.

In friction burns, the uppermost surface of skin gets damaged. It gets scrapped and chaffed. The affected area is painful. There is mild inflammation and redness soon after the injury. It remains for 2 to 3 days before complete resolution which may take place after 5 to 6 days.

During the healing process, skin color changes to healthy pink which soon turns into normal skin color. Though rug burn is first degree burn with uneventful healing, sometimes it can lead to secondary infection and scarring. To prevent this, patient can use safe home remedies.

Home Remedies To Make Rug Burns Heal Faster

In most cases, friction burns are common in limbs rather than on face and trunk. The knees, elbow and shin bone of lower leg are common sites for rug burn injury. The first measure it to clean the injury with anti septic solution. If it is not available, plain water is handier. Though rug burns heal on their own without treatment, there are variety of ways to reduce the chance of infection and enhance the healing process.

  • Heat is generated when the skin and rug surface rubs against one another. To relieve pain and cool the skin surface, nothing is better than pouring cool water on the injured skin area. It helps to reduce pain as well as redness. Run cool water for 5 to 10 minutes every one hour for few hours.
  • Clean the area with antiseptic solution.
  • Keep the area dry by cleaning it with sterilized cotton ball. Moisture present in injured surface encourages microbial organisms to breed.
  • While taking shower cover the rug burn with a piece of gauze. Dry the skin surface with a cotton ball if the area becomes wet.
  • Apply aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is an effective remedy for burn injury. It acts as a soothing agent and reduces pain and inflammation. It also promotes healthy growth of granulation tissue in the skin.
  • Cover the rug burn with a dry and sterile gauze pad. This will allow faster healing and protect the area from pollutants.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing as this may cause friction and irritation over the burn surface.
  • When rug burn is accompanied with severe pain due to fall from a height, the doctor may prescribe pain killer and sometimes mild antibiotics.