Puffy Cheek Causes, Home Remedies | Facial Puffiness Treatments


A year ago I was assaulted, hit on the face, I went to the emergency room at the time the incident occurred, but my cheek is still some what tender and puffy but no pain.


The face is made up of a complex vasculature system. Any trauma or injury will lead to swelling or inflammation of the face. There will be redness and pain associated with the swelling of the face.

Causes of Puffy Face

  • Trauma
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Allergic reaction to drugs
  • Dental infection
  • Systemic disease

The puffiness can be the result of the structural damage like bone injury, or the underlying tissue injury.

There may be damage to the superficial nerves of the skin in trauma.

Puffy Face Remedy

Some home remedies which can be useful for puffiness and tenderness are:

  • Apply ice or ice water on the affected area.
  • Apply apple cider and honey on the swollen part, it reduces swelling.
  • Applying the grated potato helps in decreasing swelling.

You can try alternative homeopathic medicines under the supervision of a homeopath. They are, Hypericum: it is a valuable remedy in nerve injuries. Arnica is another remedy used in injuries caused due to blunt injuries. Bellis per, where the swelling remains long after injury.