Recurring Staph Infection: Natural Home Remedies To Cure It

Question: What exactly is a staph infection, and why does it sometimes recur? What are the cures and remedies that can be used from home for this problem?

Answer: Staph infections or staphylococcus infections are basically skin infections that can cause boils to appear on a person’s skin. This infection is often due to the presence of staphylococcus bacteria invading the person’s body through a cut in the skin.

Natural Home Remedies For Recurring Staph Infection

Staph infections are unsightly bumps or boils that may sometimes have pus in them. Getting rid of these infections of the skin can be something you need to do on a regular basis if you are prone to recurring infections.

Here are some of the natural cures and remedies that people use to get rid of these unsightly boils:

  • Use crushed garlic on these boils. Get some fresh garlic and crush it, then place this on the boils. Cover it with a bandage, and let sit for a few hours. This may sting, but the use of garlic on these boils has proven to be effective for their removal. Remove the bandage and the garlic after a few hours, wash off, and repeat the process the next day.
  • Since the culprits for this problem stays in the blood, you can try to get rid of the source of the infection or minimize their presence in the blood with the consumption of garlic or use of supplements.
  • Soak some fresh bread in warm milk. Place this soaked bread over the boil to treat it.
  • You can use a medicinal honey called Manuka honey for your staph infections. You can use this honey on the boils, and you can also take a tablespoon of this honey daily to help reduce the number of staphylococcus bacteria in your system.
  • Essential oils are also good for treating staph infections. Be careful to use therapeutic oils and not those for aromatherapy or for making perfume with.
  • Heat some tomatoes and mash them and then add this to mashed or pureed raw onions and garlic. Apply this mixture on your boils and cover with a bandage for a few hours. Rinse off and repeat the next day.
  • Boost your immunity and your immune system by watching what you eat and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The proper diet, the right vitamins and minerals supplements, using probiotics and removing toxins from your body will help get rid of these recurring staph problems.


  1. maggie said:

    Warm milk and bread?! Are you trying to feed the bacteria? Staphylococcus aureus (the beastie responsible for this infection) is part of your skin’s normal microbiota. It is supposed to reside on your skin and in your nose. The infection comes from a break in the skin, allowing the S. aureus access to your body where it wreaks havoc. If it is in your blood you need to SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION because you have sepsis which can be fatal. The only thing on here that would help is eating healthy to boost immunity. The garlic might help make a hostile enough environment to kill the opportunistic bacteria.

    November 11, 2009
    • austin said:

      Well actually everything they say on here is accurate. Research Staph and MRSA and you will know that for the most part the medical community is limited on what they can do given many antibiotics don’t work. The most effective treatments are natural at this point. I’d include silver into possible treatments on this.

      June 9, 2010

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