Radiation Therapy Treatment: Home Remedies For Radiation Burn

People who go through cancer treatment usually would undergo radiation therapy, which would require the medical personnel to expose the affected area with a radiation energy using ionization radiation. What usually causes the end result of sunburn due to radiation is usually the treatment from UV radiation. High exposure as well to X-rays during diagnostic medical testing can also result to radiation burns.

As said before, it is usually one of the treatments for cancer patients. The radiation ion is usually placed inside the patient. For example, a woman diagnosed with uterine cancer can usually opt for radiation treatment.

The ion is lodged inside her uterus through her cervix, and it is placed there during her treatment session.
The ion works as its exposure to radiation can damage the DNA structure of other cells nearby. Usually it would be very invasive because more likely healthy cells and tissues can also be damaged during the treatment. There are also those having radiation therapy like those having skin cancer wherein they will have to expose themselves to UV-thus increasing the risk for radiation burns.

Home Remedies For Radiation Burn

Here are some easy steps for home remedies you can try to alleviate and to treat radiation burns.

It is very likely that it would be painful-much like same with sunburn.

  • First and foremost, those who will be treating another person with radiation burns will have to make sure that he is done the process before. You also have to make precautionary measures to protect yourself by not touching the other person’s bodily fluids.
  • In treating the radiation burn, you can place the affected area under cold running water and let the cool water balance out the burnt area.
  • Assess the degree and severity of the burn so that you can be able to know what is needed to treat the radiation burn.
  • Aloe vera treatment usually works and is best for treatment for burns. It is highly organic, and it is not invasive. With its unique properties and components, aloe vera has been used for such conditions. Place the aloe vera in a cool compartment and you can apply it to the affected area.
  • Apply creams and ointments that may be prescribed by your doctor for you. Before application, make sure the area is clean and dry so as to make sure it is effective.
  • Always bear in mind the high risk of infection for those individuals who have burns and much more if they are cancer patients. They are likely as well to be immune-compromised.