Natural Weight Gain with Diet and Exercise | Increase Weight Naturally

Question: I am 19 and weigh 60 pounds. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall. What is the ideal weight for my age and height? I need some natural weight gain remedies.

Answer:  There are 2 types of thin people:

  • One is thin and energetic. They eat well, but don’t put on weight. This is because they burn up all the calories, due to constant physical activity.
  • The other type is thin, lethargic and always tired. This is invariably due to inadequate nourishment and faulty eating pattern.

Diet and Exercises to Increase and Gain Weight Naturally

  • Milk therapy
    • Rapid weight gain is seen through a milk diet.
      Milk is a complete food. It is a source of good quality protein.
    • The treatment becomes more effective when certain other foods are taken alongside milk.  Weight gain drinks, such as milkshakes made with fruits such as figs, bananas and mangoes contains strengthening and fattening foods.
  • Enhance your diet with good quality protein for muscle building:
    • Egg, fish, pulses and legumes, soy and its products, sprouts, especially alfalfa will help put on weight. Perfect Pre Workout Meal could help you provide the right diet for building muscle.
  • Eat right:
    • Let your meal be a complete one.
      It should have carbohydrates (wheat, rice), protein like pulses, vegetables and fruits.
  • Never overdo the energy drinks and protein shakes.
  • Take up some form of exercise:
    • Yoga, brisk walking, Pilates, kick – boxing, a sport, aerobics, work out at the gymnasium. This will help reduce stress, pep up your digestion and stimulate weight gain.