Natural Remedies for Swollen Glands | Reduce Swollen Glands

Swollen Glands Causes and Treatments:

Swollen glands generally are referred to as the swelling of lymph nodes which are commonly situated in the neck and throat and they are commonly called as glands. This condition can also be seen in any other part of the body when the glands are located and swelling as occurred e.g. as glands in the inguinal region or in the armpits.
Lymph system is a filtering system which drains out infection and toxins of different types from our body. But in this process infection of the lymph glands themselves can take place.

Some of the common conditions are tuberculosis, mononucleosis, measles; chicken pox etc. localized cause can also be the reason for localized swelling for e.g. tonsillitis.
There may be heat, tenderness and redness of the underlying skin as well as fever.

Preventing Swollen Glands:

  • Bed rest is must in this condition. Eat nutritious diet, normal bowel and avoid improper drinks and food.
  • Take multivitamin supplement especially with vitamin A, B and C.
  • Eat nutritious food with lots of vegetables and fruits.

Home Remedies for Swollen Glands:

  • Ginger has been used since centuries for reducing various swelling including glandular swelling.
    Take 2-3 bulbs of fresh ginger or 10gms of ginger. Your can eat it directly by making small pieces or crush the ginger and extract the juice from it. You can take it as tea form 2-3 times in a day. Do not use this preparation during pregnancy.
  • Pineapple contains bromelain this is known to half anti-inflammatory properties. Take 400-500gms of pure bromelain powder (from health store) three times a day.
  • One can prepare a compress using mullein. Take 10gms of mullein, 2-3gms of lobelia powder and 5gms of cayenne. Simmer the mixture of it in 2 liters of apple cider vinegar for 15-20mins. Strain and apply when cool.
  • One can also apply a paste made from 10gms of turmeric powder and 5gms of salt. This helps in reducing swollen glands.
  • Cayenne is used in bringing down fever due to swollen glands. Add a pinch of cayenne to any of your herbal drink and have it. It will bring the blood to the stomach, reducing the fever.