What Is Myositis? Natural Home Remedies For Muscle Inflammation

Myositis is a condition known since many years in medical science. It is also referred by various other names- generalized tension myalgia (muscle pain), fibrositis and myo-facial pain syndrome. Muscle inflammation is called as fibromyalgia in medical terminology. Pathophysiology of this condition is uncertain. There is a deficiency in a brain-to-body messenger-serotonin, the neuro-transmitter-results in scrambled pain messages.

If muscles have been exposed to some sort of microscopic injury- sitting all day at a desk, for example- the muscles release a substance that makes the nerves hypersensitive. These hypersensitive nerves can get muscles into such a habit of over reacting that they remain in what amounts to an almost constant state of contraction and any movement will then hurt.

Natural Remedies For Muscle Inflammation

  • Pick up a heat pack, soak it in hot water, wrap it in towels and put it on the area that hurts. Once you have managed to relax the contracted muscles, next step is to retrain those muscles so they can work properly. The idea is to stretch out, usually in a kind of diagonal path, so that they won’t habitually contract and cause pain.
  • As pain lessens, start to move toward an aerobic kind of conditioning program-either walking, swimming or using a stationary bike. Don’t overdo it. Hot water bath is must for relieving the inflammation.
  • Ginger is useful home remedy for muscle inflammation treatment. Ginger is capable of preventing the synthesis of prostaglandins which are responsible for inflammation. Dry ginger should be taken before going to bed.
  • Licorice roots are also useful in reducing muscle inflammation since olden days. An extract is prepared from licorice roots and is taken twice a day after your meals.
  • Herbal leaves extract has anti-inflammatory and tranquillizing properties. Decoction is prepared and approximately 30 ml per day is taken orally. This gives relief within 24 hours of administration.
  • Leaves of Vitex negundo is mainly recommended in inflammation and swelling of muscles.
  • 2 grams of asafetida is dissolved in one tablespoon of coconut oil and applied locally as anti-inflammatory ointment. It gives immediate relief from inflammatory conditions.