Pain on Left Side of Head | Migraine Stroke, Forehead Pain Causes

Question: I am having these weird headaches on the left side of my forehead just above my eye. It feels like migraine but it fades now and then and after it fades, I always feel a cold sensation where the pain was. It’s cold and icy, it feels good. What’s wrong with me?


  • It looks that you are suffering form migraine. The other cause can be sinusitis.
  • Migraine headache are mostly one sided. They are paroxysmal in nature. They are usually associated with digestive disorder or visual disturbance during the attack.
  • These patients are usually intelligent, sensitive, rigid, methodical and perfectionist in nature.

How does migraine headache occur?

The pain comes suddenly. Due to the overwork of the head and neck muscles, there is pressure on the blood vessels, whereby the blood flow is reduced in that area. When the person relaxes, the constricted muscles of the head expand; this leads to stretching of the arteries resulting into throbbing pain.

Causes, Symptoms of Migraine

  • The main symptom is throbbing pain, nausea and vomiting. There can be flashes of light in front of the eyes. Vertigo may be present.
  • Migraine can be due to continuous over work, less sleep, people working in shift duties complain of such headache.
    Excessive smoking and drinking habits. Stress and strain with depression also cause migraine.
  • Investigation advised: X-ray skull, X-ray of para nasal sinuses, if needed CT scan of head.
  • Regular blood pressure check up and blood sugar estimation are other investigation necessary.

Treatment for Migraine

  • Some home remedies or natural ways to control migraine headache.
  • The juice of ripe grape is very effective in treating migraine.
  • Food containing niacin like whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, sunflower seeds are useful in migraine.
  • Carrot juice with beet root juice is found to be useful.
  • At least 8 hours sleep is necessary.
  • Meditation and yoga will help to relieve stress and strain.
  • Simple walk in fresh air will benefit.
  • If there is sinusitis X-ray of para nasal sinus will show haziness in the sinuses.
  • Steam inhalation for few minutes daily for a week will reduce the headache.