Low Blood Pressure Causes: Natural Home Remedies & Risk Factors

Low blood pressure or Hypo-tension is blood pressure below the normal range. In such cases the action of heart forcing the blood through the arteries is weak.

Dizziness, weakness, fatigue and lethargy are the main symptoms and occasionally the patient may faint.

Causes of low blood pressure or hypotension include:

  • Faulty nutrition and malnutrition is the main cause.
  • Diet deficient in B Vitamins, Vitamin C, protein and calories cause malnutrition.
  • Loss of blood, emotional problems, prolonged frustration and disappointments are other causes.

Home Remedies For Low Blood Pressure

Adopt exclusive fresh fruit diet for 3 days. It should be followed by a milk and fruit diet for 2 to 3 weeks before starting with a well-balanced diet.

Warm water enema should be administered initially.

  • Juice of raw beet is a very effective remedy. Drink a cup of this juice twice daily.
  • Spikenard (herb) is effective against low blood pressure. 30 to 40 grains along with little camphor and cinnamon should be taken.
  • Protein, Vitamin C and all vitamins of B group helps in prevention and treatment.
  • Salt helps restore normal blood pressure levels. Half a teaspoon salt dissolved in water should be taken daily till required level is reached.
  • Walking, swimming and bicycling should be undertaken.
  • Sun and air bath, daily dry friction and sponge are advisable.
  • Hot Epsom salt bath is the simplest remedy. Immerse in the bath for 10 to 20 minutes before going to bed.
  • Wrong thinking, unnecessary worries and overwork should be avoided.

Risk Factors Of Low Blood Pressure

Some of the risks of low blood pressure include:

  1. Sometimes in older people blood pressure levels may drop after eating or standing up after being seated for some time.
  2. People who take medications, especially for high blood pressure or cardiac ailments may be at risk of low blood pressure symptoms.