Kidney Viral Infection Home Remedies, Diet, Symptoms, Causes

Kidney Viral Infection:

The kidney is one of the body organs that are responsible in the elimination of body waste, particularly urine. However, there are instances when the organ becomes infected from viral causes and this severely hampers the elimination of urine from the body. As a result, even the most routine of activities such as urinating becomes painful.

One condition that is brought about by viral infection in the kidney is urinary tract infection. Although bacteria are the main cause of most cases of urinary tract infection, there are certain viruses that can also cause the problem.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Viral Infection:

Pain is just one of the symptoms that those who have kidney viral infection experiences. Signs may include blood traces in the urine or there may be some itchiness especially in urinating. Also, a person with kidney viral infection may experience frequent urination, lower back pain, high blood pressure, and a burning sensation during urination.

Remedies for Kidney Viral Infection:

  • Because the kidney is the affected organ, the best remedy is to take liquids that are known for their therapeutic properties.
  • One common treatment that one can do at home is to regularly drink cranberry juice.
    Cranberry juice is known for its strong kidney cleansing properties, which flushes out the virus in the kidney causing the infection.
  • If cranberry juice is not available, one may try drinking a mix of cranberry and grape juices. However, if you happen to be a diabetic, one will need to consult a doctor first because the two mentioned treatments are rich in sugar, although they are allowed in some cases of diabetes.
  • For those who want to avoid possible complications from diabetes, one may try chewing garlic or blending it to extract the juice. Garlic is one of nature’s most wonderful herbs when it comes to healing properties. Moreover, it is easy to find and cheaper than other herbs, which makes it even more beloved as a treatment for kidney viral infection.
  • Another treatment that one may try is to regularly drink parsley leaf tea by boiling several pieces of the leaf in water, then drinking the tea. This is excellent when it comes to inducing urination, which aids in the elimination of liquid waste while acting on the virus causing the infection.
  • When all treatment is simply not possible to be had, the simplest is also one of the best: just drinking sufficient amount of water everyday will treat kidney viral infection.