What Is Kidney Failure? Dietary Treatment For Kidney Disease

Kidney failure is of two types acute and chronic. Here kidney which excretes waste material from the end product of metabolism is unable to do so and this leads to retention of such products (urea, creatinine etc.) in the body and affects the kidney functions.

Acute kidney failure requires medical attention as it is a medical emergency. Chronic kidney failure has to be treated medically and as a supportive measure one can start with natural home remedies which will help in increasing the kidney functions and thus helping in early recovery.

In acute case once the episode has come under control one can start with the natural home remedies which will help in preventing further episodes.

It is important to find the cause of kidney failure as there are multiple causes which can cause kidney failure (infections, tuberculosis, tumors, drugs such as painkillers and antibiotics, metabolic disorders etc).

Diet For Kidney Failure Patients

Diet is very important aspect in treatment for kidney failure.

  • In acute renal failure kidneys are unable to excrete sodium and potassium from the body and so the electrolyte balance is disturbed. Mineral intake in such case has to be restricted. Salt (sodium) is therefore restricted till the swelling is reduced.
  • Low protein, low salt and high carbohydrate diet is advised in kidney failure.
    Fluid intake has to be restricted. Urea which is a product of dietary protein is restricted from formation by low protein diet. Carbohydrate and fats reduce breakdown of tissue protein and thus is supplied adequately.
  • Fried and sour things are to be avoided.
  • Daily fluid replacement should be slightly more than the amount of urine excreted. This helps in replacement of fluids.
  • Fruits and vegetable soup are permitted.
  • Radish is also used in this condition. Daily one should consume a quarter of liter of radish juice given two to three times in a day.


  1. A S said:

    Hello, My father is suffering with kidney failure. Right kidney is normal and left is shrinked. When he eats the food he vomits it. My father’s weight dropping to fast, his creatinine is 16 and bun is 232 is there any treatment for come over it. He is taking dialysis

    November 19, 2010

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