Infant Cough And Cold: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cough In Babies

For households with babies, the attention is focused on the youngster because it is the darling of the family. As such, when any ailment affects the baby’s health, a lot of effort is put in place to make sure that the baby stays healthy.

Coughs and colds are two of the most potent threats to a baby’s health. This is because they might show signs of more severe health problems to come. If these are not properly attended to, bigger problems are likely to result.

Unlike adults, infants are more sensitive to medication.

Hence, infants cannot be given the same medications that are given to adults lest these will instead harm the infant because their body system is not strong enough to host the presence of medicines in the body.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Cough In Infants

In any instance that an infant manifests the onset of colds or cough, the best remedy is always to try to limit or totally block off the environment or factors that contribute to the deterioration of the infant’s health.

For example, mothers know that at the onset of cough, the baby should be given plenty of fluids and rest.

You can just let the baby cough to clear the mucous in the respiratory tract.

Aside from those mentioned above, the following are home-based formulas mothers can do to give their baby in case of cough or colds:

  • In case of congestion, apply warm compress to the chest area of the child. The warm temperature will help in increasing the viscosity of the phlegm, making it easier to discharge.
  • A cool-air humidifier and saline nose drops can soften secretions.
  • A rubber suction bulb can clear nasal congestion.
  • A good substitute for cough and colds medicine would be a mixture of ginger juice with honey, mixing both until a thick paste is on hand. The honey will make the formula palatable to the child while the ginger juice will act on the cough and colds.
  • When eucalyptus oil is on hand, rub them on the chest and back of the infant. The eucalyptus will make breathing for the infant easy. Rosemary, peppermint oil, and olive oil can serve as a substitute for eucalyptus if it is not available.
  • Prepare a tea for the infant made from sage and thyme. These two herbs are known for their soothing properties.