Home Remedies to Remove Water from Ears after Swimming

Water getting stuck in the outer ear canal is very common features in those who do not take proper care when venturing into the swimming pool. If this water is not removed this can cause into full blown case of swimmer’s ear. It takes few days to develop. Soon it becomes red, tender and swollen. Some times a liquid drains from it and ear become very sensitive.

Home Remedies for Instant Relief and Removing Water from the Ear Canal

  • Within an hour after you’ve gone swimming, put four or five drops of isopropyl alcohol or commonly called as rubbing alcohol in each ear.
    To do this, turn the ear skyward, put the drops in wiggle the ear by grasping the outside and gently tugging to work the drops all the way in. then turn your head and let the fluid drain out. Isopropyl works in two ways. Because it has low surface tension than water, it breaks up water molecules and makes it easier for trapped water to find its way out of a long and winding ear canal. And the tiny amount of the alcohol/water mixture remaining in your ear canal too inhospitably dry for any microbes that might be looking for a home.
  • Just as cold can make people cringe with ear pain, warmth makes those ears feel comfortable. Even cupping your hands over ears can provide soothing relief.
  • Some professionals also suggest using blow dryer for this condition. Forget this procedure if the ears drum is perforated. It can blow dust and other particles into your ear and invite infection.
  • Remember to keep your ears covered when you venture outside when water is stuck in the ear canal. Dust particles and other irritant can enter the ear canal and cause infection of it. Cap covering your ears is advisable in this condition.

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