Natural Remedies For Flatulence: Reduce Excessive Gas In Stomach

Question: I have a problem with my stomach; it gets full and makes so much noise. I feel I have gas and I fart so much. I have a flatulence problem. It causes uncomfortable nights. Can you suggest some treatment for gas and flatulence?

Answer: Excessive flatulence is not an organic disease but a functional disorder. It occurs due to excessive air swallowing from the atmosphere and eating particularly high fiber legumes. On an average it is normal to pass flatus 10 to 20 times a day.

Gas in stomach is also caused by errors and indiscretions in the diet.

Natural Remedies For Flatulence And Bloating

  • Space out your meals properly.
  • Have small, frequent meals, every 2 to 3 hours. Avoid having just 2 heavy meals a day. It affects the digestion adversely.
  • Never stay hungry for long periods of time.
  • In case of excessive bloating and gas formation, have one spoon of carom seeds before and after meals.
  • Make lime and honey a part of your daily regimen.
  • Juice of 1/2 a lime, with a spoon of honey in warm water an hour after your lunch or dinner keeps stomach complaints away.
  • Drink 2 – 2 1/2 liters of water everyday.
    It improves bowel movement and throws out toxins from the body.
  • Never hurry through a meal.
  • Do not overeat.
  • Go slow with tea and coffee.
  • Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

These are some basic guidelines I would recommend to you, which will not only help reduce your gaseous distention and pep up your digestion.

Provide information about your age, occupation or routine activities, eating habits, etc so that I can help you with specific advice.


  1. D said:

    I have a flatulence problem. It exists for a short period after my morning bowel movement, and then subsides. It surfaces again after dinner, almost everyday, and this is when it is noisiest and most uncomfortable. It does not go even after a bowel movement.

    My age is 20. I usually have bread with jam, egg and tea for breakfast, rice with potatoes for lunch and dinner, with juice and some chocolate.

    This diet is pretty rigid, since I live in a university hostel and eat at the hostel canteen.

    This problem was occasional for the last two years, but has become a daily affair for the last six months.

    March 28, 2010
    • PUP said:

      Many a times, passing intestinal gas in public places or in front of people is a subject of humor. But for the person who passes it, is always an embarrassing situation.
      Our intestine cannot digest every thing we eat, the left over food is fermented by the intestinal bacteria mainly carbohydrates, to result in formation of gas.
      Gas is also formed due to swallowing of air while eating fast. By belching frequently a person swallows air, smoking a cigar or a pipe increases saliva production which contributes for excess of air.
      Certain food containing beans can produce gas, as beans contain complex carbohydrate, which are unable to get digested.
      To get relief from the complaint, do not eat hurriedly, if you are smoking quit it, space out your meals in a regular interval.
      Make lime and honey a part of your daily regimen.
      Drink a cup of warm water with two drops of peppermint, cinnamon, or ginger extract.
      If you have post nasal discharge, take a proper treatment for the same.
      Do not lie down immediately after eating, sit for a while.

      April 1, 2010

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