Exercises For Pinched Nerve: Natural Remedies For Pain Relief

You may have found yourself suffering from a pinched nerve in your neck at one time or another or in other parts of your body. This can happen any time and can be caused by a number of reasons like a sports injury, an awkward movement, or even when involved in an accident.

Relief from a pinched nerve can be had by following some steps that a lot of people have found to be easy to do and useful to pinched nerve problems.

Natural Remedies And Exercises For Pinched Nerve Pain

When suffering from a pinched nerve, some people resort to taking over-the-counter medication or salves to relieve themselves of the pain that this brings.

Some people however try some therapeutic home exercises and movements to ease themselves of the pain of these pinched nerves. Here are some treatments you might want to try:

  • You can try to ease the pain from a pinched nerve with the use of a hot water bottle or a cold ice pack. Depending on what works best for you, you can use any of these two to ease the pain of a pinched nerve by applying these directly to the affected area.
  • Massage for pinched nerve is also a good treatment. You should know how to massage the pinched nerve or have somebody close to you learn how to do this to help you when you experience such a problem.
    Use lotion and massage gently then build up the pressure slowly until you feel the muscles loosen and relax.
  • Don’t apply vigorous massage to the pinched nerve since this may cause more trauma than to ease the pain. Slowly loosening the pinch being felt in the nerve is the right way to massage a pinched nerve.
  • For pain coming from a pinched nerve in the neck, slowly exercising your neck muscles can loosen that tightness you are feeling. Slowly rotate your neck clockwise then slowly counterclockwise. Do this slowly.
  • Try to avoid constipation as much as possible since this can aggravate the pain you feel from pinched nerves. Try to get more fiber into your diet like fruits, vegetables and whole wheat cereals.
  • Try not to lift any heavy objects or strain your muscles when you are suffering from pinched nerves since these can cause aggravation to this problem.
  • Try to get a shiatsu massage if the pain continues.
  • You can also try meditation and relaxation techniques that can be found in yoga to help with pinched nerves and pain from pinched nerves.