Burning Feet Syndrome Treatment | Sweating In Feet Natural Remedies

Natural Treatments for Burning Sensation in Feet

Excessive sweating is called as hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can lead to body odor due to bacteria present over the skin surface. Overload of toxins can cause sweating and this is usually due to improper living habits and irregular eating habits.

Preventing Excessive Sweating:

Avoid junk food, meat, tobacco and tobacco products and salt. Keep the bowels loose and the colon clean.
Drink lots of water. It helps remove toxins from the body.

Natural Cures for Excessive Sweating:

  1. Drink 10ml of drinks everyday made from greens and one can add them into orange or sweet lime or apple or pineapple juice.
    One should keep a time span of at least 3-4 hrs between meals and bedtime. One day each week, fast on plain boiled water or fruits and juice made from raw vegetables.
  2. Take bath with water added with Epsom salt to treat hyperhidrosis. This should be done in the night time before going to bed and in the morning it should be alternated with hot or cold showers. For Epsom salt bath add 2 cups in the bathtub or 1/2 cup in a bucket of water.
  3. Boil two liter of water, turn of the fire, put one teaspoon of white oak bark or wild alum root in it, let it steep for 20minutes, pour it in bucket and soak your feet in it for 15min.

Natural Remedies for Burning Sensation in Feet:

  1. The poultice of henna leaves made with vinegar or lemon juice is very useful and gives prompt relief from burning sensation.
  2. The paste made from leaves of vitex nigundo should be applied on the feet and left for 15-20min. this gives prompt relief from burning sensation in feet.
  3. A preparation is made from pure clarfied butter 250gm mixed with 12gm of cumin seeds and raal which are first prepared in powder form.

If above given methods and advices are not helpful then you have investigated yourself as excessive sweating can be due to liver disease, diabetes, thyroid problem, certain parasites etc.