Home Remedies for Boils | Treatment and Cures for Ingrown Hair Boils

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Boils

You may sometimes see bumps with pus in them or bumps that are tender to the touch in areas like your underarms and your crotch. These are often painful to touch or excrete some discharge after a while. These are often ingrown hair boils or hair that is trapped under the skin and is infected.

Some people are too embarrassed to ask a doctor for help with this kind of a problem and often resort to simply popping the boil to get the pus out, opening themselves up to infection.

You can treat these boils from the comfort of your own home, and here are some tips on how to do that.

Treating Ingrown Hair Boils Naturally

When you find that you are too embarrassed to go see a doctor about medication for you ingrown hair boils, you can actually try to get rid of these bumps yourself. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Hot compresses can help reduce the swelling and the appearance and production of pus in these boils.
    Just take a clean face towel or hand towel and soak it in clean hot water and place it on the boils.
  • You can try treating this problem by taking out the ingrown hair with the use of a sterilized needle. You will need to be careful when you do this however, but the relief you usually get after the ingrown hair is pulled out is usually worth it. Numb the area first with an ice cube before you try extracting the hair with the clean needle. Soothe the area with the use of hot compress after you have pulled out the ingrown hair.
  • Get yourself some Ichthammol ointment 20 percentĀ  from your local pharmacy and apply this sparingly over these boils. They may smell and look disgusting, but it is very effective in removing these troublesome boils and bumps.
  • Use Epsom salts on your boils to dry them out and to disinfect them. Once the boils recede, you can disinfect it with the use of tea tree oil on a cotton ball.
  • You can get rid of this ingrown hair boil by popping it and then putting some hydrogen peroxide over the popped boil. You will need to wait for the boil to mature before you can do this. Apply tea tree oil on the spot after doing this.
  • If the ingrown hair is visible, simply use a pair of tweezers to pull it out slowly. You can also pop the boil first to get the hair to come out with it. Disinfect the area after you pull the ingrown hair out.