Signs And Symptoms Of Prickly Heat Rash: Natural Home Remedies

During the summer season and especially in the tropics, the incidence of heat rash is very common. As such, although the problem is not really seen as life threatening, it becomes so annoying that mothers and adults are seeking for something to treat the disorder especially when it affects children.

The beginning of heat rash is signaled by the appearance of small red rashes that can be itchy. This may cause an intense prickling sensation as if one’s skin is being pricked by needles.

These rashes may appear at once or in succession in some areas, particularly the neck, the face, under the scrotum, and in the back.

In some instances, body hair may become plugged with foreign matter or may be uprooted with the spot being filled with foreign matter, causing further infection.

Natural Home Remedies For Prickly Heat Rash

Because the causes of the appearance of heat rashes are varied, treatment for it is just as varied. In any case, what is important is just immediate attention should be given because any procrastination will likely contribute to the worsening of the condition.

The following are the most common treatment used for heat rashes:

  • In cases where heat rashes are an effect of direct exposure to sun, people often apply a cube of ice on the areas where rashes are beginning to appear.
    Although not particularly effective in the most advanced cases, such remedy may work especially when it comes to providing the skin some cooling effect.
  • In some people, the appearance of heat rashes is due to strenuous activities and other similar intense workouts. In this case, the obvious remedy is to avoid those intense workouts that are likely to cause heat rashes to appear or moving to an air-conditioned environment.
  • The use of antibacterial soaps especially when heat rashes are due to bacterial infection. In some instances, topical ointments that contain such active ingredients as calamine, menthol, camphor, and other preparations are applied. When using topical remedies, care should be exercised to avoid applying ointments that are rich in oil as these may cause the plugging of pores and may help in worsening the situation instead of curing it.
  • Taking supplements that are rich in vitamins A and C as these are known to help strengthen one’s immune system, making the body more adaptable to treating skin diseases.