Causes Of Hair Fall: Natural Cures For Hair Loss & Patchy Baldness

There are a number of reasons why a person finds himself or herself losing hair, and the solutions to this kind of a dilemma are also quite numerous as well. Some people find that they are losing hair because they are stressed out, while others find that they see hair falling faster than usual because of their diet and lifestyle.

There are also individuals who find that their hair loss can be attributed to factors like heredity, wrong use of hair products, and some illnesses. The different reasons why a person looses hair makes it all the more difficult to find a proper remedy for such a problem.

The following natural cures for falling hair may or may not work for you, but they are natural ways to either slow down the loss of your hair and sometimes even stop hair loss altogether.

Natural Ways To Treat Hair Loss

Here are a few ways and techniques that a person can utilize to either stop hair loss or to minimize it the natural way:

  • For overnight hair loss treatments, try using a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and massage it into your scalp and into your hair. Wrap with a towel and wash this off the next morning.
  • Coconut milk is another less-known remedy for hair loss. You will need to massage coconut milk (this is the white liquid you get from squeezing the ground pulp of the coconut, not the water that is found in the cavity of the coconut) into your scalp. You can wash this off after a few hours of your hair being wrapped in a towel with this mixture.
  • Coconut oil that is warmed is also a good remedy for hair loss or thinning hair. Heat coconut oil slightly and then with the use of cotton balls, rub this warm oil into your scalp. Leave on for a couple of hours then wash off.

Home Remedies For Patchy Baldness

Another hair problem that you might also want to address is patchy baldness. Here are some natural remedies for this problem as well.

  • When dealing with patchy baldness or alopecia areata, you can use a paste that is made out of black pepper and the seeds of a lime ground together. You will need to rub this mixture on the bald spot.
  • Another homemade remedy for this problem involves the use of onion and honey. Cut an onion, and using the raw side, scrub the bald spot on your hair until you see it turn reddish. You will then need to apply a thin layer of natural honey to this reddish spot.