Causes Of Sagging Breasts: Natural Remedies To Firm Up Breasts

A woman’s breast is one part of her body that she wants to maintain and be kept looking firm and beautiful. This is because the size and conditions of her breasts are indicators that can reveal her true age and health condition. As such, women put a lot of effort into making sure that their breasts remain firm.

What Causes Sagging Of Breasts?

  • The one major factor that contributes in the sagging of a woman’s breasts is age. This is because when a woman ages, her skin loses the elasticity and the strength to have the ability to hold her breasts.
    Age does not only make breasts sag, it also makes breasts look rippled and old.
  • Another factor which contributes to the sagging of breasts is pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her breasts swell up to be filled with milk. However, after delivery, a woman will notice that her breasts will reduce in size, causing it to sag.
  • Another reason why breasts sag is sudden weight loss. Reduction in body size means there are far lesser tissues and skin to hold the breast up.

Natural Remedies For Firming Sagging Breasts

Because the breasts do not contain muscles but only fat cells and milk ducts, they are easily susceptible to sagging due to advanced age and improper support.

These are the things that a woman can do to firm up her breasts:

  • If you are still a young woman and your breasts are already sagging, it may be that you are not wearing the proper bra size or that your bra is not giving you enough support to hold your breasts. So get the right bra size for your breasts.
  • Reduce weight: A reduction in weight commonly results in a reduction of one’s breast size. As such, when breasts are smaller, there is a reduced tendency for it to sag. However, when contemplating weight reduction, one has to make sure that the reduction will not be so drastic as to affect the breasts’ composition and make it appear wrinkled and old.
  • Exercise: Exercising will not increase the bust size; rather, it will strengthen the muscles surrounding the breasts to make it hold the breasts up better. One common exercise that a woman can do is push-up. Push-ups will help firm up the muscles around the underarm area and the chest that are very vital in holding breasts up.