Exposed Nerve Tooth Pain Relief: Home Remedies and Natural Cures

Causes of Nerve Tooth Pain

We sometimes experience the chipping or the breaking of a tooth when we eat something that is too hard for us to bite into or when we are involved in an accident. Exposing a tooth nerve can be very painful, and while some people do try to fix this problem themselves with the use of filling kits they can easily purchase, the best solution to this problem is to go and see a dentist. Before you can get to the dentist however, you will need to deal with the pain.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Pain of an Exposed Tooth Nerve

An exposed tooth nerve can be very painful, and before the dentist’s office opens or before you get yourself an appointment to help with the exposed nerve, you will need something to help ease the pain. Here are a few tips and tricks to do just that:

  • One thing you can use to help minimize the pain is to get yourself what is called oil of cloves. One drop on the exposed nerve will help minimize the pain.
  • Take a pain reliever like acetaminophen or aspirin.
    Paracetamol can also be used to help reduce the pain until you get yourself to your dentist.
  • There are some dental anesthetic gels that can be purchased over the counter. You can get this and use it on your exposed tooth nerve to alleviate the pain until you get permanent relief from your dentist.

When To Seek Medical or Doctor’s Advice?

What your dentist might do with a chipped tooth that has an exposed nerve will often depend on how big the damage is. Here are some of the things he might do to help you with this problem:

  • When a person’s tooth is all but gone, a dentist might decide to remove the remaining tooth and do a root canal if the nerve is damaged as well. A dead tooth or a tooth with an exposed nerve can cause a lot of pain and more damage so getting it treated as soon as possible is important.
  • Restorative surgery may be needed when dealing with a chipped tooth and an exposed tooth nerve. Dental fillings or a crown may need to be placed in the place of the damaged part of the tooth.
  • A root canal is often one of the solutions a dentist will use when a tooth nerve is exposed. A dentist will want to remove this exposed nerve to kill the pain, and a crown or a filling is then placed over the tooth to restore it.


  1. Samantha said:

    I have used the salt water technique, but it is only temporary. I have heard that chewing sugar free gum and adding ground cloves will help. I will try it later. P.S. I tried using Orajel, but it numbed everything but the tooth and gum. And the box says you can only use it four times a day. I would have had to use it every twenty minutes! I do need a root canal, but they are very expensive.

    July 13, 2009
  2. Slim said:

    I need one as well, my tooth broke then died (turned black) yet someone the nerves don’t seem to want to take the hint! You’re right though, the gels are so hard to get directly on the nerve and usually end up numbing everything else but the sore spot. When this country finishes with its health care reform, I really hope dental care is included. Too many of us simply can’t afford to pay for root canals and end up suffering terribly!

    January 16, 2010
    • DB said:

      That is so true! I am experiencing the same thing and I cannot afford a dentist and I’m in severe pain. My tooth cracked and half of it is gone the rest exposed the nerve. Gets food trapped between my tooth and the nerve and when I try to use a tooth pick to stop the pain I hit the nerve and that was painful! I have been dealing with this for a year and I sure hope things get better for dental care you can always go to a hospital if you are sick a toothache there is no help.

      January 21, 2010
    • N N said:

      Try a dampened tea bag. Plain, orange pekoe tea, like Lipton tea. None of the fancy flavored types. This will help subside the pain and Tannin (an ingredient in tea) is a natural healer.

      We wouldn’t need health care reform if people wouldn’t ridiculously sue providers needlessly. We wouldn’t need dental care reform if people would brush and floss their teeth, and eat proper foods.

      It’s all about personal responsibility! Take Care

      June 7, 2010
      • Nicole said:

        I’ve always taken great care of my teeth, I brush them at least 4 or more times a day and I floss after each meal and I still ended up with bad teeth.
        I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in dental bills and I’m still in pain because a dentist put a filling in too deep. Now I am stuck waiting a month because my dentist is on holidays.
        Some people get damaged teeth or have low enamel (like me) and it’s not from a lack of taking care of their teeth.

        August 2, 2010
        • Yolanda said:

          I agree, Nicole. I brush and floss all day and have had problems since I was a child. A 50+ yr old friend of mine brushes once a day and have never been to the dentist in her life and has never had a cavity in her life.

          September 24, 2010
        • EK said:

          I agree. I am in a similar situation where my dentist in on holiday and as a result I am waiting a ridiculous length of time to see him. I had a routine check at a new dental surgery I registered with as it was near my child’s school. At my check up I was told I needed two fillings either side of my mouth which surprised me but I trusted the dentist. Now I am not so sure. Since having the first set of two fillings in September I have had nothing but bother. It started as niggling pain, usually just when eating on that side. By the time I went for the second set of fillings it was more severe, but I was assured this was normal for white fillings, which again, I trusted, as I had not had a filing since I was a child so being in my forties I have never had a white filling. The second side randomly hurts when eating on it but no where near as severe as the first side has become. I am constantly popping pain killers just for relief. The pain is unbearable. I returned to the dentist and he removed the fillings, replacing with temporary one over 2 weeks ago. I have another 2 weeks to wait to see him due to his holidays. However, the pain got so bad, even though initially I found relief, it returned with a vengeance and yesterday the other dentist agreed to see me. He removed the nerve, in the tooth he suspects to be the problem. So he is not even sure? What I can’t understand is why I never had any problems prior to this, even in the teeth that “supposedly” needed fillings? I am still in agony today, only now it feels raw and sore also, as well as dull and aching.

          November 6, 2010
      • Charlene said:

        We would not need Dental care reform if people would brush and floss their teeth regularly and also maintain a proper diet.
        Its all about personal responsibility. Regarding this, teeth breaks, accidents happen.

        September 25, 2010
      • A J said:

        I’m having tooth and nerve pain. I also have ODC with brushing and flossing. To the point where I’ve brushed the enamel off my teeth, sometimes brushing and flossing can’t prevent things like this. It’s not about lack of taking care of your teeth!

        November 24, 2010
  3. XtremeGirl said:

    I always get teeth problems. Over the years I have been going to the dentist to treat nerves on my tooth. It is really painful. Now I got toothache again

    I have a kind of remedy for tooth pain take warm water, add some salt and then gargle with that. The pain is relieved. You can also chew some cloves. This should get rid of tooth pain, at least for some time.

    February 19, 2010
  4. H K said:

    I’ve been dealing with the problem of exposed nerve tooth pain. One of my tooth is damaged, and there’s an exposed nerve root which causes immense pain whenever I chew on something thick like, a cucumber and when I drink cold beverages.

    June 22, 2010
  5. Edward Gein said:

    I had some dental work done that never needed to be done in the first place. Two root canal and fillings. On one of the root canals, the crown popped off, breaking off a large piece of tooth with it. The dentist says it’s all my fault for going to juvenile hall and allowing dental work to be done.

    August 20, 2010
  6. M R said:

    I’ve been so worried about going to the dentist for about 12years after a horrific experience. I developed, more recently, a cavity in one near the front and another that broke about 8 years ago, near the back, which had about 2/3 of tooth left. I didn’t have any trouble with them, fortunately, and I would say I’m much better now at looking after them but I’ve always brushed regularly.

    So here’s the thing. I thought come on sort it out, the one near the front shows a bit when you smile. So I booked and was surprised that the 2 I mentioned were the only things wrong. I explained how terrified I was, but, he didn’t seem that interested. It went ok and booked for the last one to be done. Well last week I went in. First big injection right at the back of my jaw. He starts to drill with water too and absolute agony. I stopped him by sitting up in the end as my opened mouthed wails and the fact I just nearly pulled the arms off his chair didn’t cause him alarm. So he then did 5 more injections all around the tooth, which bloody hurt too.

    So, I thought, it’ll be ok now, thank God! Nope….he drilled it stuck things in it, drilled more with the water that just was agony and when he stopped to let me rinse, I explained again and again how much pain I was in, he seemed un-phased.

    By now the pain I was in was permanent and I didn’t know how long I could take anymore. My face/gum/tooth never really felt numb throughout. Then he asked “bite togezzer and is ok?”. My answer was going to be a yes whatever it felt like, but it seemed ok. I rinsed and then rubbed my tongue across it…. the inner vertical/side of the tooth wasn’t filled in totally? I found it hard to even concentrate; my jaw/gum/tooth/face was agony. No way I was getting back in the chair. I politely asked “am I really supposed to be in this much pain, it’s awful.

    I m talking torture?” “Yes some trauma has occurred and it is normal. Maybe 1-2 hours and it will be not so bad”. I didnt mention the bit missing and replied “another 1-2 minutes would be too long”.

    So off I went to pay, great!!I didn’t know what to do, I felt desperate, I just wanted out of there.
    Got home after a 30 min drive and the car served as a sound proof mobile box of emotion, where I am sure if a swear box was present in the car and £1 per swear was enforced, we’re talking at least £4-5,000.

    I took painkillers and just layed on the bed. Over the next 2 days it let off to a dull ache but I can’t bite food on it not even a 10 minute old chewing gum can be viced. I’ve been back after 4 days and he didn’t even look, just gave me antibiotics.

    So that’s me to now. Its 3.36am and can’t sleep as my tooth’s throbbing, again. Stumbled onto this site and I apologies for the story but its served me well as therapy if nothing else.

    I’m not going back to him, I wonder why? But I’m thinking just have it extracted? Is that less traumatic? I also think he’s probably caused permanent damage. Cheers for the clove oil tip also.

    December 21, 2010
  7. R J said:

    It is recommended to people in this forum to take painkillers which have ingredients like ibuprofen, Paracetamol… Don’t take them in excess… once a single tablet is taken the pain will be killed in not less than 20-25 min, the effect of the tablet will last for 6 hours or more… Paracetamol and ibuprofen tablet will affect the liver if taken in excess, If you visit a DOC he/she will also tell you to take an antibiotic along with painkillers.

    People with liver problem should not take these tablets unless prescribed the doctor…

    There is no method to kill the nerve at home you will have to visit the dentist. (We people do not have enough expertise and tools to do it correctly).

    Do visit dentist every 6-12 months for dental check up to avoid issues as such because a checkup will cost less than spending loads RC(Root canal or other implants) Always remember “Prevention is better than cure”…

    If your dentist is on holiday you can continue taking painkillers for 5 days. After then find some another dentist. Do not excess it from 2-3 tablets a day and it is also not good to take painkillers for more than a week.

    January 5, 2011
  8. R J said:

    Frankly speaking I am very much afraid of the seat at the dentists’ clinic, my heartbeat increases after I see that seat. and the vibrator that goes in your mouth to clean your teeth smells pathetic, I normally close my eyes tightly with my father/sister besides me so that I can gain some confidence, my father cracks jokes while the dentist is doing his work, this helps me to reduce my fear.

    January 5, 2011
  9. V K said:

    Forgive me for looking at this from a different angle. It looks like most of the folks here were from developed countries like USA and the cost of quality dental surgery was the main issue. Well I am from S L, a poor country, but a root canal in a first class government hospital equipped with latest equipment and finest doctors costs less than 10 dollars all inclusive (X rays, anti biotics etc). This is easily affordable even for a low income person. You people need to do something about your governments health care policy.

    January 7, 2011
  10. DS said:

    I’m in the same boat as most. Have always had dental problems. Dentist always want to start treatments that my insurance will not cover. Seems like whenever the dentist fixes a problem it creates another problem in the tooth next to the one fixed.

    I have chosen to go the route of same day rather than torment myself with crowns and fillings. Next visit I will end my 25 or so year suffering by having rest pulled and go with dentures. I really hate to do it because I feel I’m too young but with money rather than health being the focus of this countries dentist, I have no other course. Anyway thanks for the advice and feel better all.

    January 9, 2011
  11. T F said:

    I have two teeth that the nerve is exposed and I have tried this something red to pop the nerves but I cannot seem to hold it in my mouth as long as it takes for it to pop. I have got some meds that my doctor has given me but it only helps until I eat or drink or an hour witch ever comes first. I have had problems all of my life with my teeth now I am in pain all the time with them. If anyone can help me out in anyway please do.

    January 19, 2011
  12. Julie said:

    I have been awake for two hours in agony with toothache. I came online and read the teabag remedy and gave it a go. It takes about 15 minutes to work but it works. I can finally sleep as the pain is gone and I am so happy.

    June 20, 2012
  13. Don said:

    My teeth are breaking. I have had Crohn’s for last 18 years and over the years my whole body has been affected by my illness and now my teeth are breaking. My body gets rid of food before the nutrients and vitamins from it can be absorbed and I cannot drink milk. Now my teeth are paying the price. What should I do?

    August 8, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Its true, people suffering from Crohn’s disease may have vitamin D and calcium deficiency. In such cases doctors generally prescribe supplements. You should ask your doctor for prescription supplements of vitamin and minerals that may suit your health and help to keep your teeth strong. you should also maintain good oral and dental hygiene.

      August 10, 2012
  14. AD said:

    I am having bad tooth pain, can you tell me an easy way to relieve my pain.

    October 16, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Chew one or two cloves. Cloves contain chemicals that reduce tooth ache. Homeopathic remedy plantago is also effective in reducing toothache. However, once your pain reduces, you have to consult a dentist to find the exact reason for toothache.

      October 16, 2012
  15. Jennifer said:

    I have an open nerve in my front tooth. I am on a blood thinner (Coumadin). There are lots of medicines which I cannot take, but the pain is really bad. Can anyone tell me what would be safe for relieving my toothache?

    October 22, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Warm water salt gargles are best for alleviating tooth pain. You can gargle for 3 to 4 times in a day. Applying a drop of clove oil on the aching tooth is also effective natural remedy. Oil pulling is a technique which also helps to reduce toothache. Put 1 tsp of coconut or sunflower oil in your mouth and swish it in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes. It is an effective home remedy for toothache.

      October 23, 2012
  16. Nicki said:

    When I suffer from toothache, I swish Listerine around the painful teeth. Is it the right thing to do?

    July 24, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Tooth sensitivity is result of dentin sensitivity. Dentin is the inner part of tooth. The enamel covers dentin. If enamel is damaged it can expose the soft and delicate dentin. On the surface of the dentin, there are tiny openings called dentin tubules. The tubules are attached to the nerves of tooth. You may suffer from sharp toothache if the dentin is damaged as food and liquid can stimulate the nerve root. Listerine may help to alleviate toothache for time being and immediately, especially when you may not be able to visit your dentist. However, you have to consult your dentist at the earliest even if the pain has subsided temporarily. Only a dentist can confirm the exact cause of your toothache.

      July 25, 2018

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