Symptoms Of Gastritis: What Foods To Avoid And Eat In Gastritis?

Question: What is gastritis and what foods trigger a gastritis attack? Are there ways to avoid having gastritis and recurring attacks of this painful ailment?

Answer: Gastritis is a medical condition where the person who has it suffers from an inflamed stomach lining. Here are a few more facts about gastritis:

  • Gastritis can happen gradually with what is called chronic gastritis, or it can occur all of a sudden in what is called acute gastritis.
  • Gastritis essentially is the precursor to ulcers. When gastritis is left unchecked, peptic ulcers become the result. This is when the stomach lining of a person has been eaten away by stomach acids, and this leads to the creation of these sores.
  • If kept in check, permanent damage can be avoided when a person suffers from bouts with gastritis.

Causes And Symptoms Of Gastritis

What are the symptoms and causes of gastritis? Here are few possible causes and what symptoms to look out for:

  • There are a number of causes for gastritis. One of which are infections that may include viral infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, or fungal infections.
  • Irritations can also be the cause of gastritis. These can be caused by irritants like alcohol, acidic beverages and caffeinated drinks, cigarette smoking, and the use of certain drugs.
  • Other possible causes of gastric problems can include stress-induced increase in gastric juices, trauma to the stomach’s lining due to the ingestion of foreign substances like poison or sharp objects, and chronic vomiting.
  • Some of the symptoms a patient might experience with gastritis include dyspepsia or indigestion, abdominal pain, heartburn, a marked loss of one’s appetite, hiccups, and nausea among others.

What Foods To Avoid And Eat When You Have Gastritis?

Diet can always help a person deal with certain ailments. Since gastritis occurs in a person’s stomach, diet does play a huge role in helping a person take care of this problem as well as avoid it.

Here are some tips on what to eat and what to avoid with gastritis:

  • When suffering from gastritis, it is better to avoid foods like deep-fried foods, fatty foods, pickled, and salted or salty foods.
  • Also try to avoid vinegar, except for the very helpful apple cider vinegar, mustard, coffee, alcoholic beverages, hot peppers or spicy food, and carbonated sweet drinks.
  • Some of the foods that can be helpful to someone who has gastritis include molasses, papaya, raw apples, almonds, and raw tomatoes.
  • Mix together some spinach juice and some carrot juice to help with soothing the inflammation of your stomach lining.
  • Plain yogurt is also ideal for helping with the neutralization of stomach acids.