Common Cold Natural Home Remedies: How To Prevent Cold?

Common cold is one of the most common ailments in any individual. This can occur in any climate but usually in monsoon and cold weather it is mostly seen. It is usually caused by viruses which are of more than 200 in variety. This is the reason there is no any specific remedy for common cold.

Common cold can be treated according to the symptoms and one can try to prevent any further attacks by following some home remedies which helps to increase the immune mechanism and thus avoid any further affections.

Home Remedies To Cure And Prevent Common Cold

Most colds subside on their own in a week or so by following the above measures. If they don’t subside early then it is possible that the infection can spread to sinuses, ears or lungs. Consult a doctor in that case.

  • Gooseberry is a natural anti-oxidant which helps in improving the immunity and thus prevents any further attacks. It is also a natural source of vitamin C. Take one Gooseberry twice a day, which will help in strengthening the respiratory immunity.
  • Black pepper is also useful for common cold.
    Tea can be prepared from black pepper powder, basil leaves and dry ginger powder. One cup of this preparation is to be taken 3 to 4 times a day, when suffering from common cold. For prevention of common cold, one cup of this preparation can be taken once every day.
  • Another simple home remedy is turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Add one half teaspoon of pure turmeric powder to a cup of hot milk and take at least three times a day. This helps in early recovery from common cold as turmeric decreases malaise and helps in clearing the phlegm, if any.
  • Inhalation with turmeric, boiled in hot water helps to bring quick relief from the copious nasal discharge which is quite frequent during common cold.
  • Drink plenty of fluids as it helps in removal of secretion and prevents cold.
  • Chicken soup helps in reducing reproduction of viruses that cause cold.
  • Keep the patient warm.
  • Eat a well balanced diet and get enough rest.

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