What Is Cardiomegaly | Causes and Natural Treatment for Cardiomegaly

What is Cardiomegaly and Its Symptoms

The medical condition cardiomegaly is also known and referred to as the enlargement of the heart.

  • It is not a disease but is the result of whatever other underlying condition an individual may have been suffering. It is a sign and symptom that would explain the disease history of a person.
  • The enlargement of the heart is due to a number of factors. It is something not to be disregarded about because these kind of conditions are life threatening. Discovering any presence of this kind of situation and the individual needs to seek help so he can be given prompt diagnosis and prompt treatment.
  • The heart is composed of muscles. And as it continuously pumps blood, it basically gets a workout. As the heart continues to pump, it is placed in a situation where in the heart would experience an overload. This would explain the increase in size. However, prolonging this kind of condition can eventually lead to heart failure.

What Causes of Cardiomegaly (Enlargement of Heart)

There are reasons to be looked into and factors to consider why the heart will grow more than the normal size.  Here are the following factors and conditions that would result to the enlargement of the heart:

  • Heart defect.
    Individuals who have defects either in their heart valve, aorta, or whichever part of the organ would result to the increase in the heart’s regular workload to supply and pump blood as a compensatory mechanism.
  • Pregnant woman with underlying heart conditions. Pregnancy results to increase in blood volume. When this happens, there is an increase as well in cardiac workload resulting to the heart muscles to continuously pump every second. Through this, not only is she sustaining herself but the baby as well.
  • Individuals who have a heart condition. Heart diseases differ from heart defect.
    Thos individuals with heart defects are born that way. With heart diseases, it has an underlying reason such that the lifestyle of an individual would result to an increase in blood pressure, then an increase in the heart’s workload, and hence an increase in the size of the heart.
  • Persons with pulmonary disorders. Lack of oxygen in the system urges the heart to pump more blood to ensure that major vital organs such as the brain get the oxygenated blood.


Home and Natural Treatment for Heart Cardiomegaly

Cardiomegaly cannot be treated overnight, but here are the lists of things you can do to just get by when this situation arises:

  • Get adequate rest and sleep. Avoid stressful situations and events that will get you anxious.
  • Avoid fatty, oily, and salty foods. They would only result to worse conditions such as hypertension.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Take the medications prescribed by the doctor to you religiously to prevent other further complications.