Home Remedies for Burned Mouth | Treatment for Burned Mouth Roof

Burned Mouth Roof

It is a problem that most people have experienced: getting one’s mouth burned from unwittingly eating a very hot food. Although the situation in itself is not really serious, it still demands one’s attention because it can be truly annoying to suffer from it.

In any case of burning, one of the best remedy is also one that is easiest to find: water. Water is not only the universal solvent and needed by every living creature, but it is also efficient in treating burns.

How to Treat Burned Mouth with Water

Water is known to counter the effect of burns for the following reasons:

  • Because burning is essentially a reaction of one’s muscles and glands when extra hot temperature touches them.
    The burning sensation will last as long as the affected part is in contact with the source of heat. As such, the first goal should be to lower the temperature to stop the burning sensation and to restore the affected part to healing.
  • Water is refreshing to the body. As such, in cases of burns, water has a soothing effect on the affected part.

When treating burns with water, one should be careful not to apply an extremely cold water right out from the belly of your freezer. This is because very cold temperature may cause blood flow to be cut off, especially after a prolonged contact.

In this case, one has to be mindful as to the temperature of the water that one will apply on the affected part.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Burned Mouth

Water is recognized as the top remedy for burned mouth. However, there may be instances when water is not immediately available. In this case, the following should be of help with burned mouth:

  • Chewing gum. Chewing gum can relieve the burning sensation, although it may take a while before the person feels totally relieved.
  • Baking powder. It may not be common for people to use this in treating burned mouth, but this can help as well. Just apply some powder into the affected area.

Treating burned mouth is easy if one instinctively know what to do. However, the best form of cure is still prevention, so one has to make sure that the food is cooled down to room temperature. This will make the food more tolerable for the mouth and easy to chew.