Natural Breast Enhancement And Weight Gain: What Foods To Eat?

Question: I am 22 years old and I want to enhance my breast size. I am also underweight. Can you please give me some tips or remedies to gain weight and increase size of my breast? I want to use natural way that does not have any side-effects.

Answer: Breast tissue growth and enlargement begins between 9 to 13 years and continues up to 12 to18 years. Enlarging the size naturally, after the passage of this time, is a little difficult. But it is possible to develop the muscle over which the breast lies – the pectorals.

Exercise To Enhance Breast Size Naturally

Stand / sit with your back straight.

Fold your hands in a prayer gesture and hold it at chest level. Now, push the palms forcefully against each other, till you feel a pressure in the chest. Hold to the count of 10. Then gradually increase the count.

Take up some form of exercise – yoga, brisk walking, Pilates, kick – boxing, a sport, aerobics, gymnasium, this will help reduce stress, pep up your digestion and stimulate weight gain.

Weight gain will increase the fat cell deposition in the breast and hence enlarge it.

What Foods To Eat For Breast Enhancement And Weight Gain

Rapid weight gain is seen through a milk diet. Milk is a complete food. It is a source of good quality protein. The treatment becomes more effective when certain other foods are taken alongside milk, like:

  • Fig milkshake
  • Raisin milkshake
  • Banana milkshake
  • Mango milkshake

These are good strengthening and fattening foods.

Diet For Breast Enhancement And Weight Gain

Eggs, fish, pulses and legumes, soy and its products, sprouts, especially alfalfa will help you put on weight.

  • Let your meal be a complete one. It should have carbohydrates (wheat, rice), protein, pulses, vegetables and fruits.
  • Curtail your intake of – tinned/canned foods, processed foods, aerated drinks, junk food.
  • Never overdo the energy drinks and protein shakes.
  • Do not depend heavily on supplements. Let your food give you all the nutrients.
  • Never drink water with the meals.
  • Never eat in a rush.
  • Always fix meal timings.
  • Do not have an erratic eating pattern.