Discharge from Nipples Causes | Nipples Leaking | Breasts Discharge

Question: My left breast secretes some liquid on the nipple and is very itchy sometimes. Also the nipple sinks into the breast and never comes out unless I push it out. What could be the problem?

Answer: Discharge from one or both nipple is common and often harmless, especially if you are a have a child. 10% of women have retracted or inverted nipples. If your nipples have been retracted in the past, don’t worry. Nipple discharge may be whitish, yellow green or at times almost blackish. However on the other extreme it is a symptom of breast cancer, especially if the discharge is blood stained and the retraction of nipples has been recent and sudden.

Causes of Nipple Discharge

Some of the common causes of discharge from the nipple include,

  • Some medications are known to cause nipple discharge as a side effect.
  • Some drugs used for gastric trouble, Oral Contraceptive pills and Anti- depressants commonly cause non blood stained discharge from the nipples
  • Discharge from nipples may also occur during the early stages of a pregnancy. Please verify your status.
  • Hormonal imbalance may also be a cause of discharge from the breast, which may occur due to withdrawal of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy
  • The nipple comprises of 15-20 small pores, which are connected to the mammary glands inside the breast.
  • Breast cancer is a probability only if you are over the age of 50 years; the discharge is blood stained and coming out from just one or few select pores of the breast. DON’T PANIC. Consult your doctor and undertake a breast examination or a mammography done.
  • Estrogen and Androgen imbalances can also be the cause of puffy nipples.

Treatment for Nipple Leaking

Don’t delay, visit your gynecologist at the earliest
If discharge and retraction are a recent phenomenon, get a mammography done.

Graphitis 30, 4 pills, thrice a day for a week will reduce the discharge especially if it isĀ  cheesy and offensive.