Blepharitis Causes & Symptoms: Home Remedies For Sealed Eyelids

The inflammation of the edges of the eyelids due to bacterial infection is called granulated lids or Blepharitis. Both the eyes are affected together and lead to a persistent scaly red-rimmed eyes.

Some common symptoms of blepharitis are:

  • The eyelids are sealed with a sticky crust when asleep.
  • The margins of the eyelids are reddened, inflamed and scaled.
  • Skin on the eyelids may show occasional dandruff-like flakes.
  • Sensation of a foreign particle in the eye, accompanied with burning and itching.

Causes of blepharitis:

  • Red, itchy, scaly patches of the skin or bacterial infection can cause blepharitis.
  • Pus oozes out along the eyelashes, where it dries, crystallizes and falls into the eye, causing chronic red eyes.

Home Remedies And Tips To Cure Blepharitis

  • Until you recover completely avoid wearing contact lenses.
  • In rare cases where blepharitis is caused by lice, nits have to be removed by an expert physician.
  • Eye-makeup can be worn only after the inflammation has subsided.
  • Most important of all is to keep the eyelids clean. Baking soda, warm water or soap and plain water can be used to clean eyelids (3 times a day).
  • Place a damp cloth over the eyes to soften the crust and wipe the eyes off with the same.