Causes Of Blackheads Between Thighs: Home Remedies For Blackheads

Blackheads in between thighs are commonly caused by being overweight, too much lubrication, excessive sweating of thighs. Frequent friction between your left and right thighs, improper hygiene, and environmental factors are other reasons.

Natural Home Remedies For Blackheads Between Thighs

The good news is that these nuisance blackheads are after all, treatable or curable. The usual treatment involves herbs. This is great because you can get these herbs right in your very own kitchen. So if you happen to have some blackheads in between your thighs, here are several things you can easily do:

  • Shred off fats.
    Since one of the reasons why people get blackheads in between thighs is because of overweight, it is most likely that one of the best solutions is to get rid of blackheads is to lose weight.
  • Steam it. You may also steam your thighs.
  • Clean it. Wash your thighs properly as often as needed. Sometimes urine excess passes along our thighs. When this area is not cleaned, it becomes dirty and will trigger the appearance of blackheads.
  • Exfoliate. You may likewise exfoliate your thighs. Use exfoliating soap or cream.
  • Scrub. Scrubbing is one good way of removing piled up dirt.
  • Scrape it off. Scrapping your blackheads in thighs is best done just after taking a bath. This is because skin is soft and tender after bathing. It will be easy therefore to scrape off your blackheads.
  • Paste if off. Apply the mixtures given below and your problem will be gone.
    • Make a mixture of radish seeds and water. Apply the mixture in the area where your blackheads are. Wash thoroughly afterwards. You will see that the blackheads can be easily washed off.
    • Mix powdered roasted skin of pomegranate with lime juice. Apply the mixture in your thighs. The blackheads will just go on its own.
    • Grate a cucumber and place the same in your thighs. Leave it there for few minutes. Rinse thoroughly after. You may likewise use potato instead of cucumber.
    • Mix powdered orange peel and milk. Apply it in your thigh and leave it overnight. Rinse it the next morning. Do this regularly until the blackheads are gone.
  • Shave if off. Shave off the hair in your thighs. The hair piles up the dirt, which trigger the development of blackheads.
  • Wash it off. Wash your thigh using aloe vera gel. Do this at least 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Treat it. Rub oil rich in vitamin E in the exact portion where the blackheads are. Do this regularly till the blackheads are gone.