Bakers Cyst | Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Popliteal Cyst

What is Bakers Cyst or Popliteal Cyst?

This ailment also goes by the name popliteal cyst and is a cause for pain and discomfort in a lot of individuals. What makes this problem so painful? What is a baker’s cyst and what causes it? Are there any cures I can use at home? Is there any way I can get relief from this problem even from my own abode?

Baker’s cyst is actually a problem that occurs at the back of a person’s knee. It is essentially an inflammation that is caused by a few different factors like arthritis or an injury like a torn cartilage in the area.

These problems can then prompt your knee to generate more liquids, thereby creating what is called a baker’s cyst.

Home and Natural Remedies for Bakers Cyst

While one of the surefire ways to get relief from such a problem is to get to the cause of the problem and solve it from there, there are times when a person needs relief from the pain of this ailment. Here are some natural remedies for the problem called the baker’s cyst:

  • When you are suffering from the pain that a popliteal cyst brings, you can get relief from the pain by taking pain relievers that are prescribed by your doctors.
    Having these at home can give you relief whenever your baker’s cyst acts up or when pain from such a problem becomes somewhat unbearable.
  • Some people get relief from the pain of this ailment by simply sitting in a comfortable seat or chair and elevating the afflicted knee to help ease the pain. Sitting down and resting the painful knee while keeping it elevated can help with the pain one feels with baker’s cyst.
  • Since the pain that is generated by a baker’s cyst is often connected with a previous injury or by arthritis, some people ease the pain of such an ailment by using knee supports like knee braces and elastic bandages.
  • Putting ice packs on the painful knee also helps alleviate some of the pain that baker’s cyst gives to a person.

Other Treatments of Popliteal Cyst after Medical Attention

One of the ways to help ease the pain of this problem is to have a doctor drain the liquids from the cyst. After this procedure, you may need to do some rehabilitative work to get your knees in better shape and for you to suffer less pain:

  • Strengthening your knees at home can be easily done. If you are fit enough to go walking, walk slowly around the house or around the neighborhood every day.
  • If walking is not yet feasible, try doing leg raises to strengthen that knee. Sit in a comfortable chair and raise and lower your lower leg a few times to rehabilitate that knee slowly.