Airplane Ear Popping | Home Remedies and Tips for Airplane Ear Popping


How do I unplug my ears caused by airplane travel? I was on a flight, and can not unplug them now, can you share some airplane ear popping tips.


While flying, there occurs, a speedy change in the altitude, and consequently, the air pressure. Normally, this is balanced and equalized across the eardrum, by a normally functioning Eustachian tube. A healthy tube opens often, and wide enough, to equalize these air pressure changes. Individuals having Eustachian tube blocks, can develop a plugging or fullness of the ear, lowered hearing, and occasionally, even pain.

Airplane Ear Popping Remedies and Tips

  • Swallowing stimulates the muscles in the posterior part of the throat, and helps open up the Eustachian tube quickly. Drinking, eating, or chewing gum helps the process.
  • Yawning is highly effective, because it is a powerful muscle stimulator.
  • The most successful maneuver is – forcibly opening the Eustachian tube, by inhaling deeply, and blowing or puffing out your cheeks, while pinching the nostrils and keeping the mouth closed. This unplugs ears immediately.
  • Plane travelers, who face this trouble, use a nasal spray or a decongestant pill, 1 hour before take-off, and if needed, prior to the descent.
    This allows the ears to even out theĀ  pressure, without any difficulty