Toenails Turning Black: Treatments, Why Are My Toenails Turning Blue

Toenails Turning Blue

  • Usually toenails turning black and blue are caused by shoes that just do not fit right.
  • If too big, the toes move freely and bang up against the shoe. The toes are basically bruised. The little capillaries are damaged by the force of running or walking a lot.
  • If shoes are too small, the toes curl under and are bruised by the body weight pushing the toes against the shoe.
  • Proper fitting footwear will resolve the issue.

Why Are My Toenails Turning Black

  • If you wonder sometimes why are my toenails turning black, it is usually a fungal infection brewing.

Treatments for Toenails Turning Black

  • Cayenne pepper mixed with warm water to a paste consistency is said to remove toe fungus in about 60 days.
  • Spread the paste thickly, wrap with gauze, and put on clean, white socks.
    Keep the solution on all day, or better yet, all night.
  • Vinegar seems to be a very inexpensive fix. Spray the toes twice a day, every day for a month to see improvement.
  • As a foot soak, mix peroxide and vinegar together. Soak the feet well and spray with vinegar.
  • A dilute solution of chlorine bleach and water a couple times a day will resolve fungus issues of the feet.
  • Many people resort to good old fashioned menthol rubs that is used for chest colds. The camphor or menthol is effective at killing fungus.
  • Most important, whatever treatment you choose, use it regularly every day for at least 6-8 weeks for improved conditions. Do not just do it now and then.
  • Fungus can be cured with consistent efforts without expensive pharmaceuticals.