Natural Remedies For Strong Fingernails: Causes Of Brittle Nails

Finger nails are not just object of beauty but they protect the tip of finger from injuries. Considering the importance of nails, it is important to keep them healthy and strengthened.

What are the disadvantages of brittle fingernails?

  • They give a negative overall appearance that emits unhealthy lifestyle, which could be damaging during business transactions.
  • Among children, they are fertile grounds for bacteria that could cause illness.
  • They are risks for those who engage in cooking because they get mixed with food.
  • They are inconvenient because one has to be careful during ordinary tasks of doing dishes and laundry or else they might break.
    This results to slowing down the pace of the tasks or even their postponement and financial costs because of the possible related treatment.

What Causes Brittle Fingernails?

Some of their most common probable causes are:

  • Soap allergy and prolonged periods of exposure to water.
  • Adverse use of nail polish removers.
  • Too many manicures over a short period of time.
  • Poor fingernails hygiene.
  • Nail fungal infection.

Underlying health problems such as those affecting the respiratory system, malnutrition, and even heart diseases could also be triggers of brittle fingernails. They are also symptoms of serious conditions such as the enlargement of the thyroid gland and reduction in the level of thyroid hormone.

Natural Remedies To Strengthen Fingernails

  • Healthy diet will help in strong fingernail growth. Drinking a healthy amount of water and eating juicy fruits everyday will help the fingernails retain needed moisture.
  • Daily dosage of multivitamins is a good cure for weak nails, as it would arrest their occurrence because they will provide the nutrients that are not supplied by daily food.
  • Protect the fingernails from being exposed to harmful chemicals such as strong soap, bleaches, and cleansers by wearing gloves when doing laundry, dishes, and other housekeeping tasks.
  • Avoid over-exposure to water especially cold water or else the fingernails will lose their natural moisture.
  • Keep the fingernails moisturized to retain their natural moisture. Both of these tasks could be done by applying lotion on them. Ensure application on their surfaces is even. This is very important especially for those people whose fingernails are continually exposed to soap and chalk.
  • Cuticle creams and oils applied before going to bed could also help the fingernails avoid becoming brittle.
  • From time to time, wear a pair of light cotton gloves after application of the creams and oils to ensure that they penetrate the nail beds.
  • When applying polish, be sure that they are thick enough to cover the whole surface of the fingernails and that there are no spaces in between or else they become susceptible to bacteria. Do not use removers with acetone because they make the nails thin.
  • If the condition exists is severe it can be remedied by applying nail glue or tape. This will prevent the nails from cracking or splitting. Do not use the nails as tools in opening mails or digging the garden dirt because they will definitely break.

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