Nail Ridges Vitamin Deficiency: Causes And Treatment For Nail Ridges

There are several reasons for the appearance of ridges on the nails. Common types of nail ridges appear vertically along the nail length. This condition can worsen if there are apparent changes in the nail color.

Causes of Nail Ridges

  • One of the causes of nail ridges is malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.
  • Lack of moisture in the nails could be the culprit.
  • Respiratory ailments, circulatory problems, and autoimmune disorders can also cause these ridges.
  • Toxins exposure such as arsenic may result to changes in nail color and ridge appearance.
  • Psoriasis or other skin problems can also cause nail ridges.

Treatment For Nail Ridges

Available remedies for vertical or horizontal nail ridges include the following:

  • Studies reveal that these ridges can be treated by engaging in a health and well-balanced diet along with daily dose of vitamins.
  • Gelatin has also been proven to cure this condition and allow for the growth of stronger, healthy nails.
  • For slight cracks and ridges on your nails, apply moisturizing cream or oil along the nails and cuticles.
  • For lack of moisture on nails, increasing your daily water consumption is also one big factor in moisturizing the nails.
  • It is important to always keep the nails moisturized to make sure it grows healthy and strong.
  • If you suspect some other underlying disorders, seek immediate medical help to identify your condition and figure the appropriate treatment.