Flaky Toenails: What Causes White And Yellow Flaky Toenails

White and Yellow Flaky Toenails

It is embarrassing to wear sandals and slippers in public or to walk bare foot, when your nails are not in good shape and they turn flaky with yellow or brown discoloration.

A flaky toenail is due to fungal infection of the nails. Medical name for fungal infection of toenail is onychimycosis. The fungus develops and thrives under the toenail, after it enters it. The environment is favorable for its growth.

Causes of Flaky Toenail

Fungus in toenail is more frequently seen, than fungus in finger nails due to the suitable environment of moisture and warmth.

  • Fungus enters in the skin beneath the toe through the cuts, caused during cutting the toenail.
  • Tight shoes make the toenails delicate and they break off easily. Fungus gets the chance to enter through the broken nails.
  • Wearing wet shoes for a long time.
  • Walking on wet floor of a swimming pool with broken nails.

Signs of Toenail Fungus

  • Brittle toe nails.
  • Flaky toenails
  • Yellow to brown discoloration.
  • Bad smell from the toes.

Treatment of Flaky Toe Nails

A flaky toenail is very stubborn infection; it takes many months to heal. Though the infection is not a life threatening, persons with diabetes should be very careful. Chances of secondary infection in diabetics are high. It is of contagious in nature.

  • Vinegar is a known antifungal home remedy, dip your toenails in a bucket containing warm water and apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes daily, and Dry your nails and toes after that. Follow the procedures till you find improvement in flaky toenails.
  • Flaky toenail and tea tree oil: rub tea tree oil on the affected flaky toenail. Rub it while retiring daily. ┬áIt is an effective fungicide and an antibacterial.
  • Rub alcohol on flaky toenail twice at daily.
  • Conventional medical practitioner may advise you to apply anti fungal ointment.
  • Avoid taking baths in public places and swimming pools.
  • Wear proper fitting shoes.
  • Do not wear wet shocks and shoes.
  • Dust your shoes with anti fungal powder at times.

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