What Causes Dark Spots On Toenails And How To Get Rid Of It?

Taking care of your toe nail is as important as taking care of your fingernail. Unlike fingernail, the toe nails are more likely to get hurt, especially if you walk barefoot. Grooming of toe nail is important; in fact it has become a method for determining the lifestyle of a person. Discoloration on toenail is not normal. It sometimes can be an indication of some type of health problem.

You may notice dark brown or black spots on your toe nail. Although the condition is not alarming, it can be caused due to several reasons.

A simple injury to toenail can produce dark spot. Infections under the toe or on the toe can be a reason for darkened spot. Dark spots on toenails can become an unsightly embarrassment especially when you are not wearing shoes or socks.

Common Causes Of Dark Spots On Toenails

There are many causes of dark spots on toenail. Below are given some of the important causes:

  • Injury to the toenail is one of the most common causes of black spot on toe is due to injury to the toenail. You may not have noticed the injury happening.
    For example your toe may have stubbed against some hard object. After some time or a day you will notice a dark spot on the toe. It is because the blood has oozed out from the broken capillaries under the toe. Similarly falling of a heavy object on the toe can produce dark spot. Usually such spots resolve without any treatment.
  • Wearing tight fitting shoes can compress the toenails. It builds up pressure on the toenails while walking or running with such shoes on. Pressure on the toenail can ultimately lead to injury to the toenail. The condition is also called runner’s toe.
  • Bacterial infection underneath the nail can give rise to dark black or green spot. Bacteria can get entry underneath the nail if the skin is torn or broken. It may lead to formation of pus. The condition is painful.
  • Fungus infection can lead to brown or black colored nail. The nail becomes thick and painful when you wear shoes. There are several factors that may contribute to toenail fungus. Wearing socks and shoes for a prolonged period of time is a favorable ground for growth of fungus. Especially if the area is warm and moist due to perspiration. Walking barefoot especially in near the swimming pool area, public baths, and gyms can cause fungus infection in toenail.
  • Certain type of cancer of the toe skin can also produce black spots on toenail. The condition is called acral lentiginous melanoma.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Toenails

Black and brown spots on toenail are caused due to several reasons. The aim of the treatment is to address the underlying condition.

  • If toenail is injured treatment consists of cold compresses and anti inflammatory medicines. Over a period of time the black spot on nail disappears as the nail starts to grow.
  • In case if your shoes are tight, change your shoes. Opt for shoes that are broad from front so that your toes may not get compressed. This type of spots does not need specific treatment. The discoloration fades on its own within few weeks.
  • Black spots on toenail caused due to fungal infection can be cured with local application of anti-fungal medicines. Applying tea tree oil is a natural remedy for toenail fungus. Avoid wearing shoes for long duration. In case of severe infection, the nail may need to be removed surgically.